Am I the Last to Learn This Cool Tomato Cutting Trick?

Grape Tomatoes

I love when I learn a way to do something more easily.  I saw this the other day on The Pioneer Woman and couldn’t wait to try it.

If you are cutting a bunch of cherry or grape tomatoes in half, it can be a little time consuming.  These little tomatoes, especially if you are lucky enough to have access to homegrown, are so sweet and delicious and tomato-y that I’m putting them into salads every few days.

So here’s the trick: take two flat plastic lids of equal size, I used lids from big tubs of yogurt.  Lay one on the counter face up and fill it with tomatoes.  Put the other lid, face down, on top of the tomatoes.

Hold the lid and tomatoes firmly down and use a serrated knife to cut through the tomatoes in the space between the two lids!

Reader, Juli, had the excellent suggestion that this trick will work for grapes too.  Grapes are a delicious addition to chicken salad.  Thanks, Juli!

In fact, I made a handy video so you could see it for yourself!

Check it out then go try it yourself.

Thanks for stopping by!


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9 responses to “Am I the Last to Learn This Cool Tomato Cutting Trick?

  1. Mom

    Pretty nifty, only I just toss them in my salad whole!

  2. 🙂 just saw your video, it’s great and I like how easy it is to make! 🙂
    liked your ‘tada’ at the end of the video too! 🙂

  3. This is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!! Must share! 🙂

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