Little Tag Cards

Angled Green Tag Card

I was putting together a birthday card for a good friend and for inspiration, I looked through the pages of a  calendar given to me by another friend.  The artwork in the calendar, by British artist, Sarah Lugg, had beautiful collages based on small tags full of fine little details.

With her images in mind, I started to pull out bits and pieces of paper, stickers, washi tape, and trim that were all or partially green, and layering them to create a series of tags.

6 Green Tags

For some of the tags, I traced the tag shape onto paper or card stock and cut it out.  For others, I layered the ephemera directly onto a tag.

Layered Green Tag

On this tag, for example, printed paper with a bird design is overlaid with a scrap of dictionary page and the definition of “celebrate”.  A tiny bit of sheet music is near the top and a gold-printed branch has been cut out and adhered in place.  I colored in a bit of the design with a green marker and stamped a small green clover with “good luck” to complete the tag.

The large card includes a small duck feather, little adhesive jewels, a bit of green twine, a postage stamp, a piece of a color swatch, a scrap of a map showing Yosemite, and one of my favorite little rubber stamped images of a tiny key.

As usual, I signed the back of the card with my lowercase initials and, in this case, added a small paper heart.


This Little Tag card was so fun to make that when my mom requested a birthday card to send to my brother, I did another one.

In this card, I chose to go with fall colors and oriented the tags horizontally. The background card looks almost black in this picture, but it is dark brown with a green envelope.

Brown Tag Card

With less time spent crafting the card, the tags don’t have quite as many details, but I’m still very pleased with the results.

A beautiful butterfly sticker from my Cavallini & Co. “Flora & Fauna Stickers.”

A bit of butterfly

The little acorn was trimmed from another old calendar that I’ve been saving (look for the pear on the first card – it was cut from the same source).  Orange-striped washi tape is along the bottom edge of this tag.


Rem’s ham radio hobby provides me with interesting postage stamps from around the world.  This one is Italian.  The background paper is wrapping paper printed with designs from Japanese kimonos.  A scrap of textured copper paper is on the upper edge.

Italian Stamp

I love creating these Little Tag cards and have already started another batch of tags.

6 Green Tags

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10 responses to “Little Tag Cards

  1. HPK

    awesome work on a small scale!

  2. I am the lucky recipient of the first card in this post – it is even more lovely in person! Thank you, Dianne.

  3. don’t you just love creating something when it is for someone you know…it does make it special!
    all are quite nice…the little feather is neat!

    • I do love it, Marilyn! I think of the person and it enhances the creative experience. That little feather came off a young duck that turned up in our car port… right around the time I picked up the nestling that fell out of it’s next where I work. Lots of back story in some of the details in our craft project.

  4. Gorgeous! I love Sarah Lugg’s work. I hold her partly responsible for my collection of tiny bits and pieces, paper scraps, shells and feathers… 🙂

    • Thank you! If you have a good collection you are that much better off for good crafting results! I need more interesting tiny bits for these little tags. I love how they look and will be creating more cards. I think I want to get some more tag sizes too. The original tags are white and often I just trace the shape and don’t use the tag but I think I’ll tea-stain some tags to use. But I want some smaller tags too. (Do I sound like a craft-addict?)

  5. very pretty, I love the first one very much and the one made for your brother too; the colors are fun and beautiful to look at! 🙂 I love the ‘homemade with a little green hart’ so thoughtful and pretty! 🙂
    wish you a beautiful weekend Dianne!

    • I’ll be making more. I really had a great time making these card. Thanks especially for your good wishes – I’m ready for the end of summer and the start of fall. We had rain today which was a real change, and it was nice.

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