Sonora, California

Here are more pictures from our vacation.

Little Red Church, Sonora

This is the St. James Episcopal Church in Sonora which is also known as the Red Church or Little Red Church.  It is at the top of Washington Street which goes through the town.

When we were first strolling in Sonora, it felt very familiar to me.  Those of you from Marin may understand how this street reminded me of San Anselmo Avenue in the town where I grew up, San Anselmo, California.

Washington Avenue, Sonora

There’s something special about visiting a little town that feels familiar and welcoming yet is a new place to explore.  This particular part of the downtown area reminded me so much of San Anselmo that I looked up a little Sonora history.  It was a gold rush town that was established in 1849 by miners from Sonora, Mexico.  Later, after mining declined, logging and the arrival of the Sierra Railway in 1899 brought continued prosperity.

San Anselmo started to grow when North Pacific Coast Railroad completed a section of railroad in 1874 that carried passengers to and from San Francisco.  So though these towns don’t have the same background, they were both positively affected when the railroad came to their town.

Some of the brick buildings in Sonora are similar to buildings in San Anselmo and San Rafael, where I live now.

Old Brick Bank Building

Candy Store

There is a thriving Farmer’s Market in Sonora.


On the day we visited, there was a special event: a Mural-In-A-Day was being painted on a brick wall adjacent to the market.  This is a banner showing the design of the finished 8 x 24 foot mural.

Banner of Mural


Volunteers were busily painting – the outlines had all been traced and it was like a giant paint-by-numbers piece.


We came back to see the finished mural another day.

Rem Taking Photos

Finished Mural

Here is a picturesque little restaurant overlooking a creek, where we enjoyed lunch one day, but not the slow service.

Umbrellas on Deck over Creek

Rem & Margarita

Pictures from around the town.

Curving architechtural detail

Yellow and Blue Building

I loved this rusted-metal bear on a building.

California Bear

Old buildings often have beautiful details like the molding and the pressed tin ceiling tiles in this restaurant.

Pressed Tin Ceiling

This is a chalkboard menu in the same place, the Diamondback Grill.

Diamond Back Grill Menu

Horse Head Hitching Post

We stayed at the Sonora Inn which has recently been renovated.  It was very charming until the last night when road work, including jackhammers, started around 9PM.  Luckily, we had earplugs with us!

Sonora Inn

On our way out of town the last morning of our stay, we enjoyed breakfast at Cover’s Apple Ranch.  Rem was on a mission to get some good pie and when we asked around town, several people recommended Cover’s.

Covver's Apple Ranch

Even though we at a big, delicious breakfast, we got two slices of pie and an apple turnover to go and I don’t regret it.  Rem had apple pie and I had peach.

As we left their bakery/cafe, I saw this sign, and request, over the door.   That doesn’t seem unreasonable.

Apple Pie A Week

And, for stopping by my blog I say: thank you, please come again!

Rem and I


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4 responses to “Sonora, California

  1. I love to paint…so the mural was neat to see in the making…looks like a lovely time!

  2. glad you had a great time visiting a town that reminded you of yours and wow that mural is impressive 🙂

    • Thanks for your comments, Ingrid. I hope you had a chance to click the mural link. They were honoring one of the Farmer’s Market flower sellers who’d been killed in an accident about a year ago. So it was both beautiful and poignant.

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