The Collage Workbook: 5-Minute Collages

Six 5-Minute Collages

My friend Shook has been trying out collage as an art form, something she’s wanted to do for a long time.  I encouraged her and have enjoyed seeing her progress. As a thank you for the support, she gave me The Collage Workbook, a wonderful book by A Collage A Day artist, Randel Plowman.

The Collage Workbook

I’d already borrowed her copy and thumbed through it, and now I have my own book!  As the subtitle says, it shows you “How to get started and stay inspired.”

My long weekend stretched to include today (yay!) and I opened the book to the first of 50 “Project Prompts” which was to do 5 collages in 5 minutes each.  First you pull out images  that catch your eye from magazines as well as other bits and pieces of paper, then, when you’ve got the items trimmed and ready to paste, you set the timer and off you go.

5-Minute Collages

I confess that I didn’t stop when the timer rang, but managed to finish up within 15 to 20 seconds.  On one I was done before the 5 minute mark.

Here’s what I made:

Sugared Lime

Sugared Lime started with a scrap of a magazine page showing a giant leaf.  I like how the veins of the leaf echo the roads on the small pieces of maps.  The bits of map easily led to the bus schedule and a little seedling as a focal point.

The next one, Snap Fastners, includes a little bit of wrapping paper printed with a design from an old kimono, polka dot paper and printed vellum.

Snap Fasteners

For each small collage I had a pile of paper; pieces pulled from magazines, envelope liners, pages from old textbooks, and other ephemera.  I had more than I needed but I wanted to have enough material when the clock started ticking.

Pink and orange polka dot paper and molecules from a chemistry book are in Come! which includes a sketch of two different hand gestures, both with the same meaning.


Blue sky, blue water and a blue-patterned security envelope liner, layered with a piece of page from a dictionary and a swan are all components of A Stitch in Time.

A Stitch in Time

Purple/Bird has a blank sales receipt, scraps of purple craft paper and a bird printed on vellum.  It’s really just some purple plus a bird.


The last collage I completed today, Tweed, one more than the project prompt suggested, started with the black and white image cut from an ad, of a model dressed in tweed.  I picked bits and pieces of old paper in shares of grey for the background, including some math problems from an instructors math textbook, a bit of a page from a guide for farmer’s, and some nice stripes and dots.


A big thank you to Shook for this generous gift which I know will guide, encourage and challenge me. I look forward to more collage projects very soon.

And always, thank you for stopping by.

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