Batkid Saves San Francisco

Batkid Adjusts His Mask

A few weeks ago, while I was pushing papers around at work, Rem went into the city to witness Batkid save San Francisco.

In case you were hibernating or busy studying for your orals, you might have missed this exciting event.  5-year-old Miles is a cancer survivor and Batman fan.  Thousands of people turned out to participate and watch as the day unfolded, a surprise for Miles from the Make-A-Wish Foundation.


Click on these links to see more pictures and read the posts Rem wrote about that day.

The Penguin

Miles was diagnosed with leukemia at 18  months old, so chemo was a big part of his life.  He is now in remission and making memories fighting crime, a welcome change from battling cancer for so long.

batkid running

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2 responses to “Batkid Saves San Francisco

  1. saw on TV and news…glad this little fella had a great day…

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