Getting Our Tree

Christmas Socks

It’s a cold day so I’m wearing two pairs of Christmas socks.

We went out to breakfast and did a little shopping before going to the tree farm in Petaluma for our Christmas tree.  While I was in a store, Rem took some great selfies.

“He knows if you’ve been bad…”


“Or good, so be good for goodness sake!”

or good!

Onward to Larsen’s.


Mr. Larsen himself showed us some pretty Scotch Pines in an overlooked corner and that was it! Quickest time ever to find our tree. Good thing too since it was probably our coldest visit yet.  We’ve cut a tree down before in 70 degree weather but this was a chilly 36.

Our Tree

LL Pup supervised the sawing.

Puppy on a glove Puppy Watching


Take the tree

Candy Canes

Santa sign

Dianne at Larsen's

Getting the tree onto the car – we pay to have it netted so we don’t wreck the screen door getting into the house. Yes, we’ve done that. Twice.

On the Car


When I see Christmas merchandise in stores before Halloween it makes me cringe.  But the Thanksgiving leftovers are gone (or frozen) and Christmas will be here before I know it, ready or not.

It’s been uphill, but cutting down the tree and singing along to Burl Ives Holly, Jolly Christmas really helped me feel the Christmas spirit.

Thank you, Merry Christmas!

Thank you for stopping by.

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  1. looks like a good time…and now to the decorating…Your favorite part I’m sure…

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