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Bay Bridge & SF

Rem and I have enjoyed a few local outings after Christmas.  We remind ourselves that we live in an area that has so much to offer and we just need to get out and enjoy it.  These first photos are from the Sausalito waterfront, looking towards San Francisco and the Bay Bridge, which we visited on the 26th.  It was a beautiful day and warm enough that some folks were in shorts.

Shorts 12/26

Unfortunately, I did something stupid last night and cut the index finger on my left hand so I’m not going to put much narrative.  I’m glad that I’ve already done a bunch of crafting during this lovely time off.

Lots of People

We heard at least half-a-dozen different languages as we strolled around.

Gingerbread House


Two beautiful gingerbread creations.

On the 30th, we went into San Francisco and strolled around the Mission District, happily eating on our way, though I didn’t get any good food photos.  We started with pastries from Dianda’s Italian American Pastry.  Then walked to Mission Market for pupusa’s.



old glass

Movie sign


Lucha Libre


This Chinese Lion is in Mission Chinese Food where we shared a small plate of Tiki Pork Belly.  Incredible, rich and wonderful with a side of rice.  We took leftovers home.  It was quite dark inside so the picture didn’t come out, but it comes with a wedge of pickled pineapple, mandarin orange segments, shaved coconut, macadamia nuts, a puddle of soy caramel on the plate, a maraschino cherry and a small, yellow paper umbrella!

Free birds

Song Titles

Gracias Madre


Women's Building mural

Stunning mural that wraps around The Women’s Building or El Edificio de Mujeres.


Bi-Rite Cookbook

Cookbook of Bi-Rite Market where we splurged on a one-bone prime rib (more of a thick steak than a roast) for our New Year’s Eve dinner.

Green Onions


Rem guiding a plane

Rem is on the tarmac, guiding a plane in for landing…


with packages of spaghetti.

Billy Balls

Graffiti style doves

Peace to you in this sparkling new year.

The only advice I will offer at this juncture is to unplug your immersion blender before using your finger to scrape off the whipped cream.

Thank you, as always, for reading.


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7 responses to “Out & About

  1. Happy new year. You make me want to go back to San Francisco. Hope your finger is better soon. X

  2. yes, sorry about your cut finger…hope it heals quickly…
    Loved the photos…never been to your part of the states…looks like a fun place and very colorful…

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