52 Good Things

Rem and I had a wonderful meander yesterday. We started at the Petaluma Pie Company.

Petaluma Pie Company

We had egg and bacon hand pies.  I slurped a little too quickly on my delicious hot chocolate and burned my throat, but it’s fine now.

Egg and Bacon Hand Pies & Hot Chocolate

Rem took some photos while I goofed around on this fountain.

Di & Fountain

We strolled around and did some window shopping.

From a Christmas shop to a display of Valentine items.


Valentine Mugs

I didn’t get a photo but we saw a family with a nine-year-old boy riding a unicycle!

I found a few little goodies in a paper & gift shop, Paperwhite, including a butterfly charm for my charm bracelet.

After a few hours in Petaluma, we drove out to Bodega Bay and had lunch at Spud Point Crab Company, right across the street from Spud Point Marina.  This spot was recommended by a friend and it was our first time.  We had crab sandwiches. Very nice.

crab sandwiches

Lovely day, nice memories.

I have an idea to help me focus on wonderful memories, such as these and less on the things that don’t always work out how I would like.

I don’t know about you, but I tend to be a little hard on myself.  I seem to remember my mistakes more easily than remembering all the good stuff.

This year, I am creating a Gratitude Jar and every week I’ll write down good things that have happened to me or that I’ve done. This might include

  • Accomplished Goals
  • Romance Shared
  • Funny Moments
  • Surprise Gifts
  • …and any other little memory that is worth saving but might slip through my mental cracks

Crafting Gratitude Jar

I’m going to spend a few minutes every Sunday writing something down, nothing fancy, just a slip of paper with a few lines.

Jar Lid

It will be my thanks bank.  I will make a deposit every week and at the end of the year, I’ll have a whole jar full of wonderful things to read through.

Thanks So Much

It was also a nice little craft project to round out my weekend.

Robins Singing Tag

Isn’t this little tag sweet? It was with a Christmas gift and I painted over “Merry Christmas” and added the music and “merci,” then layered it onto the orange printed paper.

Gratitude Jar

Thanks for your visit.


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