New Dishes

New bowls - Aqua & Chocolate

Just after Christmas, Rem and I picked out new dishes.  I’m so happy with them.

Our original dishes were from Pottery Barn, and we had dinner plates, salad plates and bowls; two of each in dark brown, tan and white.  Over time they’d gotten chipped and a few had pieces had cracked.

We enjoyed having mix and match dishes and decided to do something similar, but we left Pottery Barn behind.

Pretty Dishes

These are from Heath Ceramics in Sausalito.  We picked dishes from their Coupe Line which was their first line, introduced in 1948.  We chose dinner plates and salad plates, two each in Linen and Onyx.

Avocado on Linen Plate

We also got four cereal bowls, in Chocolate exterior with Aqua interior.

Bowl of Tomato Soup

I love how the bowls look…the interior color is pretty and soft and reminds me of sea glass.


I’ve also seen light blue-green eggs laid by Araucana chickens that are a similar color.

We bought two serving bowls.  The smaller one is Linen on the outside and Mist on the inside.  I thought the Mist was the same color as the Aqua until I read the brochure at home.  It is quite similar but lighter.  The larger bowl is Turquoise on the outside and Aqua on the inside.

Serving Bowls

Heath sells seconds but we couldn’t find everything we wanted from the seconds shelves.  We did pick up our Linen dinner and salad plates and our Onyx salad plates.  As it turned out, they were having a sale on all dinner plates so we got a discount on the discounted seconds as well as on the firsts.

Onynx Plate with Tangerine

We can add new pieces in years to come.

Kale on Plates

Thanks for the visit.


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2 responses to “New Dishes

  1. violetannie63

    Lovely dishes – I have a thing for crockery and all things “kitchenware”. Love the colours you chose too 🙂

  2. like the idea of a color inside the dishes…pretty!

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