Coat Hanger Heart

Coat Hanger Heart

Here is the second Heart Wreath project I mentioned (this is the first one here).  I started it at the free Tuesday night “Craft Gym” at Once Around in Mill Valley and finished it at home.

I like projects that don’t take a lot of time or skill and use supplies I have on hand.  In this case: a wire coat hanger, some fabric left from a previous project (clothespin dolls), ribbon and some adhesive.  The small heart is made from floral wire that a friend in the craft class gave me.

First you need to bend the hanger into a heart shape.  Some people in the class chose to do the heart with the hook at the bottom.  The idea being you can hang the heart on the wall with the hook at the bottom and use the hook to hang your coat or hat or car keys.  Here’s a link to a yarn-wrapped Heart Wall Hook.

Since I’m hanging the heart on the door for decoration, I wanted the hook at the top.  Pliers are helpful for shaping the heart.  Don’t worry about creating a perfect shape.  Part of the appeal of this heart is the whimsical, folk-art vibe.

Next, you need strips of fabric to wrap around the coat hanger heart.  The narrow strips are better when you are navigating the corners and hook but wider strips are great on the other parts.  I tore the fabric because I wanted the texture from the torn edge.  You could also use pinking shears or regular scissors to cut it.  While wrapping the torn strips, I sometimes trimmed off some loose threads that got tangled up with each other.

Coat Hanger & Fabric

A bit of double-sided adhesive strips or dots are helpful for getting started.  Put a little strip of adhesive on one end of a strip of fabric and start wrapping it around the coat hanger.  I started at the hook but I don’t see why you couldn’t start where every you want.  I tied off the last strip and trimmed the end.  Some adhesive or hot glue would also be a good way to make sure the last strips is snugly in place.

You can also use ribbon for this heart.  Keep in mind, if you use narrow ribbon, it will take more work to wrap the coat hanger.

Trim for Coat Hanger Heart

I am still liking my 2014 Valentine Color Scheme of red, black and turquoise so I used that for this Coat Hanger Heart.

An extra strip of fabric tied at the base of the hook was the only embellishment, though I thought an old skeleton key hanging from the little heart would look cute, but I don’t have one.  I tried a button and I tried a little felt heart with a button and decided I liked it best plain and simple, just the little heart hanging inside the big heart.

Heart on the Door of #4

I love how the little heart looks.

little wire heart

I bent the hooks around until I was satisfied with how they hung together.

I’m still working away at my Valentine cards and should post another photo soon.  The other thing I made today (Rem and I made it together) was this delicious Cheesy Garlic Bread from this recipe on Smitten Kitchen.  We don’t have a TV and aren’t watching the Superbowl, but we didn’t want to miss out on the yummy snacks.

Cheesy Garlic Bread

Leftover sausage and some sauteed greens and dinner is ready!

2 hearts are better than one

Thanks for stopping by.

Update: Here is another Coat Hanger Heart Wreath that is completely different from one of my readers and fellow WordPress bloggers, Cathy at nanacathydotcom.


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8 responses to “Coat Hanger Heart

  1. Lovely heart and completely different from the one I posted today!

  2. Beth Patel

    Hi Dianne,
    I’m so glad I heard about your blog. I’ve enjoyed looking through a couple of months of great crafts and recipe ideas. I’ll be back!

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