Confetti Heart Cake Topper

Confetti Cupcake Toppers

I love how these little confetti hearts look!  Yes, ISTOP (I saw them on Pinterest) and followed the link back to the awesome Aunt Peaches: “Messy. Sparkly. More fun than a bag of possums.”

You need some tissue paper and scissors to make the confetti. Than you need hot glue, the confetti and a toothpick or skewer.  Oh, and parchment paper to work on.

One behind the other

I cut up two batches of confetti but only took pictures of the multicolor one, not the red and pink Valentine one.   Stack up some tissue paper and cut one end of it into a fringe.

Cutting Confetti

Then cut across the fringe to make little confetti bits.

Confetti Cutting

For some reason this technique reminded me of chopping onions. Without the tears.

Tissue Paper and Scissors

With multiple sheets of tissue paper, this goes surprisingly fast.  Aunt Peaches suggests adding metallic bits by giving some Christmas tinsel a haircut.  Without Christmas tinsel, I cut up some shiny silver ribbon but later realized it was dull grey on the reverse side.

The basic process is: create a shape with hot glue, quickly put a toothpick in the glue and add another layer of hot glue.  Quickly dump confetti on the hot glue shape. Once it is set, turn it over and add another layer of hot glue, again retracing the original shape, and dump more confetti on it.

So, from the top:

Trace your shape on parchment paper (or, if you feel brave, go ahead and draw it freehand).

Trace shape

Use hot glue to draw the heart shape.  Quickly put a toothpick into glue.

Stick in pick

Trace over the heart with more hot glue and dump confetti on it.

Dump on confetti

Let it cool off then flip it over (shake off the extra confetti), retrace the shape with more hot glue and scatter on another handful of confetti.

Back - more glue, more confetti

It is really pretty fast and easy and don’t they look cute?  I thought cake toppers really needed cake to be shown to their best advantage so credit goes to SusieCakes in Greenbrae for the lovely and delicious cupcakes and the adorable, tiny heart-shaped sprinkles.

Two confetti hearts

Thanks for your visit!

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  1. just lovely…and the instructions seem easier than I thought it was going to be…

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