Birdhouse Cards

Trio of Birdhouse Cards

I finally had the urge to do some crafting about a week ago.  My brother was still in the hospital at the time, but his condition had improved and there seemed to be some space in my head for something besides anxiety. Rem and I got a cute card in the mail from a friend and the printed design showed a birdhouse. It sparked my interest.

I put together some craft supplies in a bag to take to the hospital: some printed paper, scissors, card stock, adhesive, washi tape, a few colored pens and some rubber stamps.  A large cardboard mailer served as a small table.  It was a little slow going but I was able to assemble two Birdhouse Cards.

Purple Birdhouse Card

The commercial card had a collage-like look to it and I wanted to keep that look, so I included pages from an old dictionary, sheet music and other ephemera.

Paper & other supplies

I was really pleased how the cards came out so I made a few more at home.  For the first few cards I stamped the bird on a scrap of white paper and colored it in a realistic color scheme.  I like it better stamped onto decorative paper.  The bird cut from printed paper is more whimsical and better suited to the whole card design.

Pink Patterned Birdhouse

On one of the first cards I carefully cut a circle of paper for the hole on the front of the birdhouse but on later cards I used a large punch and actually punched a hole.  I put a small piece of paper in a different color and pattern behind the hole.

Turquoise Birdhouse

A small scrap of paper rolled up tight and adhered right outside the hole forms a perch for the bird.  Use foam dots to put the bird on the birdhouse.  Stamp the bird a second time so you can cut out a separate wing and put that on with a glue dot.  Use a felt pen for drawing on the legs.

Birdhouse scraps

To build your own Birdhouse Card, gather some different colored decorated papers and old pages from sheet music, textbooks or other printed material.  I adhere the old paper onto card stock if it seems fragile and likely to tear easily. If you don’t have a bird rubber stamp, you may find a suitable one to cut out from a greeting card or calendar you’ve saved, or look online for a bird you can print out.

The piece for the main birdhouse depends on the size of our finished card.  A standard card size is 4.25 x 5.5 inches. This is a half-sheet of 8.5 x 11 inch card stock, folded in half.  For this size card, measure a 3 inch by 3.25 inch piece, with the shorter measurement as the width of the house.  Mark the center of the card and put a little dot with a pencil at the top center and halfway down the piece on either side.

Measurements on house

In this example, I show where the center is, but you don’t want to mark it with a pen!  On either side at the bottom, put a dot 1/4 inch from the edge and draw a light pencil line up to the midway point.  Cut this off of each side.

Now make a light pencil line from midway to the dot at the center of the top one each side.  Cut off both of these pieces to form the roof line of your birdhouse.  Use a large hole punch to punch a hole a little below the center.  My punch is 1.25 inches.

House Shape

Your birdhouse shape should look like this.

Cut strips of different paper (see examples), cutting some with scalloped or wavy edge scissors if you have them.  Layer three along the bottom for the base of the birdhouse and two layers to form the roof.  When you adhere the birdhouse on your card, don’t forget a small piece of contrasting paper behind the punched out hole.

Cut out flowers from ephemera or stamp and cut out flower designs.

Paper flowers

I used some of the cute flowers from a sale package I got at Once Around.

Adhere the birdhouse to a card and add a bird and some flowers.  This bird is tucked inside the house.

Pink Polka Dot Birdhouse

It feels really nice to be crafting again.  It was fun making the little Easter Birds Nests with Rem too.

It was also great to spend time with family members at my sister’s house today.  Beau was there too.  It was much better than sitting in a hospital room or waiting room.

Thank you for stopping by.




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