Prettier Patio Part II

Pretty Patio

Last September I wrote about a mini-makeover of our apartment entry area in this Apartment Curb Appeal post. I wanted to find a table and chairs to put in the corner but I put it off for the winter.

It isn’t a very picturesque spot.  Up the cement stairs from the car port, a chain link fence separates you from the gravel roof.  It is just an area you walk past when you go in or out of the apartment.

Patio Before

With warm weather, I got back to the project to create a usable spot to sit on our shared patio.

My sister Sarah gave me this cute metal table and I stored it away until I could find chairs and an umbrella.

Green metal table

The table folds up, making it easy to store during the winter.  It has some nice little details, like the punched out design on top.  I like the green color and the scrapes and scratches that add character.

Design on table

During the Fall, Rem and I went to Urban Ore in Berkeley, a treasure trove of recycled goodies.  We found a pair of black metal chairs for the bargain price of $10. They needed some refurbishing and went into storage to await better weather.

I’d love to say that I fixed the seats of the recycled chairs, spray painted them turquoise and stitched up cute cushions and then tell you how you can DIY! But I didn’t, so I won’t.

Cushion Pattern

When we pulled the old chairs out and looked them over, we decided that even with repairs, they didn’t feel very comfy.  I wanted to start using the patio and knew we needed chairs that we could sit and relax in.

Over the Memorial Day weekend, I went shopping! I had seen these chairs at Cost Plus World Market another time but this time they were 30% off with a better choice of colors. Win.

Turquoise Chair

OSH had patio umbrellas on sale and they had one in turquoise.  Perfect.


The final touch: thick, comfy cushions from Bed, Bath & Beyond, with a discount coupon.

Blue Patterned Cushion

So, from this:

Corner of Patio Before

To this:

Table, Umbrella soft

I’m so pleased with how it all came together.

Coming soon – an update on the potted plants on the patio.

Thanks for your visit.


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3 responses to “Prettier Patio Part II

    • Nice idea but we’re not that neighborly with all our neighbors so not sure if we’d get agreement all around. But coming soon, I’ll show you new potted plants hanging from the fence.

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