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P & B Selfie on the GG Bridge

Yesterday I had achieved most of my 10,000 steps for the day but not quite.  I asked Rem if he would take a walk with me after dinner.  Because it has been kind of warm and humid, he suggested we drive down to the headlands.  Although it encompasses a larger area, for us that refers to the 5-mile stretch of Conzelman Road overlooking the Golden Gate Bride and the Pacific Ocean.  It is usually at least 10 degrees cooler than at our place in San Rafael.

The fog was rolling in and I decided to turn into the parking lot by the bridge and figured I’d get my steps walking around the north end of the bridge.  Rem surprised me and suggested we cross the bridge and back!  We hadn’t walked it in years and usually do it at a more leisurely pace, but the sidewalk is closed to pedestrians at 9:00 pm, so we had to keep moving.

In the picture at the top of the post, we’re at the San Francisco end and it is about 8:25.  We made it back at 9:02.  The pedestrian gate was closed but a bridge worker was “sweeping” the bridge and came up behind us in a little vehicle and opened the gate.  I added about 8,600 steps, well over the less-than-1,000 I was seeking.

Foggy Golden Gate

Fitbit rewards me with badges when I achieve different milestones and I’ve found that motivates me more than I would have expected. A few weeks ago when I was looking at my stats for the day I realized I was just short of 100 floors, with 10 feet of elevation gained counting as 1 floor.  I didn’t know how soon I would get in a hike with that much elevation, so I climbed some stairs at a parking garage to hit 100 floors.

This morning, I hiked to the same communication towers as I did that day but from a different starting point, going up the back of the hill.  I don’t get any new badges for achieving 103 floors (and didn’t get one for walking a landmark bridge last night either) but I’m still tickled with the big, green smiley face and “hooray” when I look at my Fitbit Dashboard and I’ve hit or exceeded my goals.

I was surprised by a little sprinkle of rain on my hike this morning but it didn’t really matter as I was already soaked with sweat.  This is a little ways before the top of the fire road.  Stopping to take a selfie gave me a chance to catch my breath.


This is where I stopped for breakfast.


Yes, I did take a little swing before getting back on the trail and hiking onward and upward.



Power Tower

Trail Marker

Back on the road in the neighborhood that I walked through to reach the trail head,  I took pictures of some of the gates I’d noticed.

Picket Fence with Arched Gateway

Wrought Iron with Acorn & Leaves


Lion Entry

Perhaps some of these choices are a little over-the-top.

Last week, Molly was back home from Sea Ranch and joined me walking a loop starting in Deer Park, almost the same hike I enjoyed the previous week, but slightly longer and taken in the reverse direction.

Rock & Wildflowers

Molly on the trail

Deer Park to Five Corners

Trail Marker

More uphill

Fog over Tam

Sun on the hills

Walking with Molly

I realized that Molly doesn’t get the same views as I do.


But she was a happy pup and didn’t seem to mind the reduced views.

I used one of my new bandanas and learned it is from the HAV-A-HANK Bandana Company.


The Fitbit continues to be a positive influence on my activity.   I wonder where I’ll hike next weekend.

Thanks for stopping by.



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3 responses to “Fitbit Fitness

  1. Joan

    How do you manage to get 10,000 steps in a day?. I do good to get 2,000 in a day. What does your daily schedule look like?

    • Well, I have my Fitbit on all day long to track everything. I either get up at 4:45 and go to the gym (3 mornings per week) which I was already doing, but now I park the car around the corner so I walk a bit there. After the workout I walk back and go into a parking garage and take the stairs to the 4th floor and walk back down – more step. The other two work days I get up a little later and take a walk that is between 45 and 60 minutes. If I’m feeling energetic I include some hills. My work is at a desk and I’ve set an alarm at 10 AM and 2 PM to remind me to get up from the desk and move around. I walk up stairs to my office (not taking the elevator) and walk to the mail room in another building. If I can (and need to get more steps), I have a 20 to 45 minute walk in the late afternoon – out on a bike path if it isn’t too hot or just up and down the halls and stairs in my building to stay cool.

      If I’m short steps at the end of my work day, I’ll take a walk around the neighborhood after dinner. I take a Jazzercise class every Thursday night with my sister Sarah – which I was already doing – and every Saturday I walk with my sister Kathleen. I’m now hiking on Sunday too (and Friday since during the summers we work a 4-day work week).

      I’m also adding steps by parking further from my office and at the far end of parking lots when I run errands.

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