Art Journal: Inchies

Inchies Two Page Spread

August was a month for healing and building up my stamina.  Oral surgery on July 31st really sapped my energy and I have done very little crafting.  I’m almost back to my regular work-out routine and finally have some time and energy left for crafting.

Inchies are 1″ x 1″ decorated squares of paper or fiber and are mini works of art – they can be painted, collaged, stamped or hand-drawn.  They are sometimes traded in sets of 6, 9 or 12, but I made them for my Art Journal.  I used many types of paper including watercolor paper, card stock, magazine pages, maps, sheet music, vellum, old calendars, dictionary pages, and other paper ephemera.

4 inchies

When I started, I thought I would do a page of inchies. I laid them out in rows of 4 but I decided rows of 5 would look better.  Once I filled one page, I kept going until I completed 70 inchies.  I found the small size very satisfying and delighted in coming up with different designs and embellishments.

70 inchies

Multicolored stripes from an ad in a magazine were used as waves in the ocean and as a cheerful background for a happy face sticker.

Just another fish in the ocean

A scrap of paper doily inked a blue-purple became a lace fan for a sketch of a Spanish lady.

Spanish Fan

Although I used many different colors, I stuck with orange and green with some purple for my overall color theme.

Mostly Orange

Mostly Green

I looked at things with an eye to how they might be transformed into an inchie: junk mail with a picture of an orange safety vest became a square, parts of a chocolate bar wrapper appear on three squares, and a business card for a Psychic I found on an early morning walk made two inchies with the addition of some washi tape and sequins.


Palm Reading

I made tiny collages with layers of different paper.  I searched through my scraps for little bits and pieces to use.

tiny collages

When I completed enough for both pages, I had to decide on the layout.

Draft layout

After gluing all the squares in place, I realized my little crescent moon was upside down, so I carefully peeled it off the page and put it on correctly.

Moon & Sun

I don’t know that I’ve gotten this little inchie-bug out of my system.  I think maybe a birthday card made with inchies will be my next project.

Sorry for my lack of posts in August. Thank you for your support, patience and continued visits.

Alarm Clock





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14 responses to “Art Journal: Inchies

  1. They are just so pretty and inspiring

  2. Margaret Melsh

    Love this — you’re inspiring me to do it too! Thanks for sharing.

  3. violetannie63

    Oh I love these – now I want to make some! Glad you’re feeling a bit better – hope the healing process speeds up now and you’re soon 100% 🙂

    • Thanks. I’m also very glad to be feeling better because I’d much rather be crafting then resting. I look forward to seeing inchie creations in the near future on your blog.

  4. of course Ilm glad you are feeling better!…and I love the inchies…but, oh…so time consuming…I can see how you want to make more and more though!

    • Ahh, Marilyn. I don’t usually look at any crafting projects as time consuming. Time I could be cleaning house. Yeah, crafting wins. Time I could be watching TV. Crafting again. Time I must be at work. Drat. Crafting loses. One thing that is nice is if you have a small amount of time, doing one or two inchies is great because you can actually do a few in a short time.

  5. HannahJ

    I think I have just found my next project, thanks for the inspiration, I love it!!

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