Thanksgiving Walk

These are pictures from my walk with Molly Thanksgiving morning.  We walked around the Las Gallinas Valley Sanitary District water treatment ponds.  It isn’t far from the freeway but it is a world away.  Fields and marshes surround the paths and the only sounds were gravel crunching under my feet and birdsong.


It was a hazy morning and Mt Tam was just visible in the distance.


As I walked along, I was thinking about all the goodness in my life.  There are so many things I’m thankful for.

I’m grateful for my wonderful, imperfect life.


I’m grateful that I live in a place crisscrossed with beautiful paths to walk and hike.

I’m grateful to live and work where I see Mt. Tam nearly every day.


Though we have no pets of our own in our small apartment, I’m grateful for the frequent visits of a neighbor cat.  She wants nothing more than to be petted and loved and soaks up any attention we give her.  I, in turn, get the benefit of lower blood pressure and raised serotonin levels.

I am glad and grateful to have a happy dog to join me on this walk.  When I go to pick up Molly, she greets me with exuberance.  I’m thankful to have my health to get out and walk or exercise most days.


I’m very thankful for the latest health updates of two family members.


My sister-in-law was just released from the hospital the day before Thanksgiving and is recovering. My brother continues to slowly heal from a major health crisis last spring.  I’m so grateful for their improving health.


I work with people that I respect and I have their respect in return.  Some of my colleagues are sure to make me laugh and though I don’t see them every day at work, I can count on seeing some of them every week and for this I’m grateful.


I have so many wonderful memories of my dad and though I miss him I don’t have that feeling of deep sorrow when I think of him as I used to. I think of him often and sometimes it is with sadness and tears that he is gone and other times it is just a sweet memory or something I think he would like.

Across one of the ponds I saw an old-fashioned windmill and I thought he would have liked it.  He liked old barns and this windmill made me think of him which made me glad.


I’m thankful for all my friends and family.  I’m glad to see my mom every Saturday and eat lunch together.

The crafting I fit into my life, the books I get from the library every few weeks, and the singing I share with other women in the Threshold Choir all add richness, variety and even joy to my daily routines.  Writing this blog and having readers all over the world delights me and I’m very grateful for every one of you.


The one that has my heart is Rem.  I am so very grateful for his humor, caring and love.

As Molly and I looped back around to where my car was parked, I looked again at the familiar outline of Mt. Tam.  I have so much that I’m thankful for.

Thank you for your visit and a special word of gratitude for every comment. I appreciate every one.


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8 responses to “Thanksgiving Walk

  1. daynajquick

    Thank you, Dianne! I love having you as a co-worker and friend. I always enjoy your posts, and I agree that you have much to be thankful for – Happy Thanksgiving! 🙂

  2. thankful and grateful…good words… may we try and see these things all year…

  3. Lovely walk, thanks for sharing

  4. Joan Stotko Louisville, Ky

    I agree that we all need to remember what we are thankful for. Thanks for the great ideas to be thankful for. I tend to forget even though I start each day with a part of a prayer, What am I great full for today.

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