Catching Up

Molly in Windowseat

Rem and I are at Sea Ranch enjoying post-holiday down time. Things get a little chaotic before the big day and in the days right before Christmas I was up early every morning and staying up late at night crafting and wrapping gifts and ornaments.

Our Christmas tree is lovely but putting a large tree in our small apartment means moving the dining table up against my craft desk and eating dinner on the bed. I worked on several craft projects at once, letting glue or paint dry on one while I decoupaged another. The art supplies covered both the table and desk and, as usual, I just kept working on top of the mess, letting my work area shrink down to the size of my hand instead of putting things away as I worked.

So here we are, spending some time with my mom in her vacation home, really relaxing and catching up on our rest.  It is wonderful having free time with no schedules or deadlines.  There are no streetlights outside the windows, no neighbors in apartments above or next door, hardly any traffic and the prevailing sound outside at night is the whoosh of the ocean. We come downstairs to the chilly bedroom after sitting by the wood burning stove in the living room. A soak in the hot tub under a star-filled sky then murmured conversation as we snuggle under a cozy down comforter and sink into deep sleep.

I have brought craft supplies along but without any deadline and with plenty of space, I don’t feel stressed to finish things, and better enjoy the creative process.  We’re heading back home tomorrow and I still have vacation time to enjoy more crafting and cooking.  Maybe I’ll even catch up on blogging.

Thank you for your visit.



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