Gratitude Jar


Last year I started a weekly practice of writing things about the previous week for which I’m grateful. I decorated a jar so I would have a pretty location to deposit the slips of paper, and I put a reminder on my computer so when I forgot, the reminder would pop up (every Sunday) and I could scribble a few things down.


Yesterday I dumped all the crumpled slips of paper out and sorted them by date, than I read them all.  I missed a few weeks and have 50 little notes.


I don’t know about you, but I seem to be much better about thinking about, remembering and dwelling on the negative things in my life, and most often the negative things I see in myself:  mistakes I’ve made, poor decisions, petty arguments, real and imagined slights, bad food choices, lack of exercise, procrastination, etc.  Writing down things I’m grateful for hasn’t stopped be from thinking about negative stuff, but at least once a week I focused on the positive.

And, by writing it down, I’ve made a record of it.  I see Rem on many, if not most of the pages. A beautiful walk we took together around the Dominican campus.  His care and nurturing while I was healing from a dental procedure.  Cooking together (we made tamales yesterday).  Jumping out of an airplane together!


Time doing things with friends and family members is another theme. Crafting appears often. Even a calm day at work is worthy of mention and certainly a good conversation with a colleague.

When my brother was in the hospital in the spring, it was a terribly stressful time.  On April 13 I wrote “Beau is alive and seems to be improving. He has a long road ahead of him but today I have hope that he can survive.” Wow. That was worth writing down and saving.  I remember a blur of days of anxiety and worry but that is what I wrote down. Beau is doing really, really well now.

Keeping this practice up is an easy decision.  I also went one step further and put together a “notepad” of all different papers, bits of old calendars, junk mail, maps, sheet music, etc., and embellishments, all dated and numbered, ready to write on.  It was a fun little craft project and I thought it would be further encouragement to pulling out the paper and writing down a thing or two about what I’m grateful for.



Today I’m grateful for the loan of Rem’s computer while mine is being repaired, and for the people who read my posts – thanks for stopping by.


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4 responses to “Gratitude Jar

  1. wonderful idea… and to have your cute papers handy…should really help you keep up!

  2. Joan Stotko

    I like your idea. If everyone thought about being grateful the world would be a better place to live in.

    • Thanks, Joan. I saw it on Pinterest last year. Some people do it every day but I knew I wouldn’t keep that up and didn’t want to set myself up to feel bad about something good! Happy New Year and thanks for the comment.

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