I’ve worn my hair this way for quite awhile.  I have fine, thin hair and this was a great cut for making the most of it.   But most of the time when I get home from work, I clip it up to get it off my neck when I’m cooking or crafting.  When I work out or go to Jazzercise I also have it in a clip.

Another big reason for keeping it long (I know it isn’t really that long, but long-ish) and one that has been very powerful is that Rem likes it that way.  But lately, it’s been driving me a bit nuts.  I knew Rem wouldn’t be thrilled with a short cut, but I wanted to be happy with my hair.  I also knew he had fallen for me when my hair was short and he wants me to be happy too.

I started looking at pictures and videos and made an appointment with Chaz.  He’s been cutting my hair since high school, even before he’d been trained to do what he’s been doing so well since.  Today was the day and once he’d seen the pictures and we talked about it, he started cutting.  This is what he cut off.


And here’s the new look!  Now THIS looks like someone who can jump out of a plane!


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6 responses to “Haircut

  1. Diane Miller

    Hi Dianne, your new hair cut looks great😄 p.s. I loved the videos of ya’ll zip flying or whatever it’s called! Looks like fun. Enjoy reading your blogs! Take care

    • Thanks, Diane, and thanks for taking the time to post a comment. I was a little nervous about cutting it short, but I really like it and even asked him to go a little shorter. Zip lining is a little like flying. Thanks for the visit!

  2. Very stylish. You look very glam!

    • LOL – thank you. It still feels great the next morning. I was really ready for a change and I’m pleased at how it worked out. I’m not sure about glam, but I’m tickled to read it. 🙂

  3. Sandy Carlman

    Very cute cut!

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