My Little Haircut, Accessories Sold Separately


I was playing with my new haircut and decided to share the photos.

I’ve had it for about a month now, in fact I’m getting a trim next week.  I’m still delighted with it and have gotten really lovely compliments on it.

Here is my “Before” picture at the salon before getting it cut:


And “After.”  So you can see how it looked just cut and styled.  (Thanks, Chaz, by the way, for a fantastic cut!)


The floor after the cut.


However, almost every morning, halfway through styling it I think “Oh, no.  I can’t do it! It looks dreadful.” Or something similar.

Here it is, clean and just dried with no product in it.  I’ve used a blow dryer on low while finger-combing it forward.


Hair that I’ve thought of as straight turns out having many more little curves and curls than I ever knew. There are places that go flat while others stick out.

Today I decided to see what else I could do with it.  The photo quality isn’t great – I’m just snapping pics in front of the bathroom mirror.

Parted, combed back and slicked down.


Brushed back and out with my fingers  with some product, plus a hairband.


A friend at work has been encouraging me to “hawk” it up.  With some more product, flat iron, teasing and hairspray, (lots of hairspray), and I managed this!




I don’t think I’m really carrying this one off. But it was kind of fun to try it out.

My favorite style is the one I do every day.  After it’s mostly dry (and I’m thinking it isn’t going to work), I tweak it a bit with a flat iron. The magic really happens when I rub a little Got2B In Play Sculpt Paste between my hands and then rub it into my hair.  Not too much, but I usually use a bit more on my fingertips and play with some strands across the front, and the pieces around my ears.

The styling stuff is lightweight, smells kind of citrus-y and makes my hair look thick, healthy and not too fussy.  Maybe even a little bit edgy.


Not too flat or too fluffy.

Thanks for your visit.



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6 responses to “My Little Haircut, Accessories Sold Separately

  1. violetannie63

    Love the mohawk! But I really like it with the hairband. Very cute and youthful 🙂 But any of the styles looks good on you. I could never deal with short hair – I had it short like yours years ago but I was hopeless at styling it because my hair is very thick and wavy and basically like steel wool. You do a much better job! 🙂

    • Thank you. Mine is thin and fine and mostly straight. But with this cut (and the product, of course) I’m finding little bits that actually have a little curl. Too bad that Mr. Rem really doesn’t like short hair. I was keeping it long (ish) because of that and it was time for short hair again. It’s a great cut.

  2. This is a GREAT cut on you! Welcome to the short hair club!

  3. LOVE IT!… so cute!…It’s summertime…go for it!…although mine is short too…I find it takes a little more fixing than when it’s longer…

    • Thanks, Marilyn – Mine dries more quickly then when it is a little longer but I might spend more time on the styling – I’m not sure. In the end it’s about the same and I’m much happier with the results. It’s a nice change.

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