Happy Mother’s Day! Mom/Wow Card


Happy Mother’s Day! I read the post I wrote last year with my Mother’s Day Chalkboard Card and was amused to see I wrote I had several ideas for a card. Too bad I didn’t write them down because I was coming up blank this year.

Happily, I was once again inspired by Pinterest. I found Loreen Leedy’s Mom Wow card as well as a die-cut card using washi tape. It’s ok that I find inspiration in art projects for grade-school kids, isn’t it?


I don’t have a die-cutting machine but I do have an Exacto knife. After cutting and folding heavy white watercolor paper, I carefully wrote “MOM” and then even more carefully cut out the letters.  I almost forgot to leave little lines in the “o” so the center wouldn’t get lost.

Strips of washi tape decorate the white card front.  I put them right over the cut-out letters then flipped the card over and cut the washi tape out of the letters.

When you flip the front of the card up, the word MOM becomes WOW.


More washi tape on the back of the card form a background for the WOW. Here is the card from above.


And here is the WOW with the back showing through.


That says it all for me…Mom. Wow.

I folded a piece of teal card stock into a smaller card to line the white outer card so it would show through the letters..  This also means my sentiment on the inside of the card doesn’t show when the card is closed.


I’m grateful for the strong, loving relationship I share with my mom.


Thanks for stopping by.

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