Jamberry Nail Wraps


Have you seen Jamberry Nail Wraps? I’m not sure where I first saw them, but it was probably on Facebook. They are thin plastic stickers that are applied to your nail after briefly heating (either with a hair dryer or small heater that Jamberry sells) and then pressing on the nail and trimming and/or filing off the edges of the wraps.

I love how a manicure looks but since it is usually smeared or chipped before I get home (and even worse if I try and do it myself) and ruined within a day, I rarely bother with one.  As a crafter, my fingers usually have ink or paint on them.  I wore acrylic nails for about a year, usually opting for a “natural French” polish (off white tips with pale pink), but the time and money spent on upkeep was a drag, not to mention how terrible it was if I caught a nail on something. Growing out my nails after that was tedious.


I saw a photo caption that mentioned Jamberry’s and it mentioned how the wraps covered split nails and allowed them to grow them out a bit. Since both my thumbnails split, this caught my attention and I decided to give them a look.


I went to their website and watched the How to Apply video and looked at all the different colors and designs and decided to jump in and order some.  I bought an application kit that includes alcohol wipes, nail scissors, nail clippers, orange sticks, nail file, cuticle pusher and buffer block.  I could have managed with what I had at home and bought some nail scissors but I just got the set.

The wraps come on a clear plastic sheet ($15 per sheet, and I’ve gotten three manicures from one sheet with some trimming), and are different sizes so you can hold the sheet over each nail to decide which size to use. You bend the sheet and roll one wrap part way off using an orange stick and cut it in half, so each sticker will do two nails.  The first time I did it, I was trying to completely custom fit each nail but I’ve learned (and they suggest) it is easiest to go for a slightly smaller wrap rather than trim a wider one.


I also bought their mini heater. They suggest a hair dryer will also work to heat the wraps but I thought that would be complicated; having to pick up the dryer, turn it on, heat the wrap, turn the dryer off,  put it down, apply the warm wrap to my finger.  I’m glad I got the heater because it is small, quiet and I can just leave it on the whole time I’m doing my mani.


So, you figure out which wrap is the best fit, cut it in half, and warm the wrap for about 3 to 5 seconds.


Put the wrap on your nail and press and rub it down, first with your opposite thumb, then with the rubber cuticle pusher to really get it firmly pressed around all the edges.


Then warm the fingertip in front of the heater to complete the application. Finally, trim off the excess wrap.  The directions suggest using the nail scissors to trim and then file off any little bits, using the file perpendicular to your nail.  I’ve found I usually trim off the last bits with nail clippers, though I sometimes need the file to finish.

As you know, I do a lot of crafting.  I use my fingers to open, pry, press, spread, pick, and scrape any number of items and materials when I cook and craft. I’m kind of hard on my nails and the Jamberry Nail Wraps aren’t perfect.  I’ve found they will lift a bit, coming unstuck at the tips.

I looked around on YouTube and there are loads of videos with all different methods for applying, fixing and removing these wraps.  What works best for me is very, very carefully, using my flatiron on the tips. I turn it on, count to 10, turn it off and wait a few more seconds than being super careful press the warm iron only on the tips of my nails to really get a good seal. Let me emphasize again that I do this with great caution and care, heating the flatiron only briefly and turning it OFF before using it.

If this just sounds crazy and/or you don’t have a flatiron (I think a curling iron would also work), I’ve also used a metal implement (spoon cuticle pusher) that I heat in front of the heater and press on the tip of my nail, but the flatiron method works best for me.

The tips do get worn and of course my nails grow out.  This is almost two weeks of wear and growth on a manicure.


Removing the wraps is pretty simple and again there are several options.  What you don’t want to do is just pull them off because the adhesive is strong and you can damage your nails. Lift the edge of the wrap with an orange stick then soak the nail in nail polish remover (I use the cap of the remover bottle) for 15 to 20 seconds and gently rub off with a cotton ball or pad.  Sometimes I have to soak again to get a stubborn wrap off or to remove adhesive residue. I tried a warm coconut oil method I saw on YouTube and though I love the scent, I didn’t find it as effective.

Another method involves heating the nail with a hair-dryer for 15 seconds and gently peeling off from side to side and yet another uses dental floss on a sword to slip under the wrap with some cuticle oil or warm coconut oil.  I haven’t tried these methods as I’m happy with the nail polish remover.



Wraps shown in this post: First photo: Grapefruit. Last photo: Rose Gold (I think it looks like a new copper penny, also comes in a sparkle version). Blue wrap: Seascape. Pink wrap: Haute Pink (tint – a somewhat more sheer wrap).

I bought all the wraps and supplies and I’m not selling Jamberry.  I like the product and wanted to share my experience with you. They offer a Buy 3 get 1 free special, so if you like them, you can stock up on wraps and save a little.  I found a consultant, Jess Chambers, after finding her Enjoying Jams blog.  If you know someone who sells Jamberry Nail Wraps, you might want to get some from her and check them out, but if you don’t, I’m sure Jess would be happy to help you out.

Thanks for stopping by.








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3 responses to “Jamberry Nail Wraps

  1. Alanna

    Sound like a lot more expensive and more work than just buying Nailene Nail Studio full glue on nails. ( $3.99 where I live, 2 bottles of glue, $1.50) They come in different sizes to fit your nail bed and if you use the Nailene Ultra quick glue they are very easy to use. I have used them for years after having acrylic nails that ruined my nail beds. Like you, I am always using my hands to make jewelry, garden and what not so my nails take a beating and nail polish is ruined within a day of applying it, where as the Nailene nails take a beating and still looks nice and you can wear them safely for a week or slightly longer. I say a week because if you do not glue them really well, all around the edge of the nail, moisture can get between the artificial nail and yours and cause some green fungus that just grows out without causing any real damage but looks dreadful! I have become an expert at applying them and it takes me about 15 to 20 minutes tops. I use them when there is a special outting coming up or I just want to feel a little bit more feminine. Thanks for all the great tips and blogs! Do try the nails. If there is any interest I can give others some hints on how to make these nails look like you just walked out of the salon!

  2. have no nails…because of using them for everything…maybe I need to try this!…had heard of them from some facebook friends…one who sells them…

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