A White Feather


Last Sunday, I thought it was Father’s Day. I determined I would keep busy all day long and set out in the morning for a good, long walk. I’ve been finding feathers again – lots of feathers. My Sunday walk these days goes around some water treatment pond and one of the paths was strewn with feathers from the geese in the area.  In fact, I ruffled a few feathers striding through a flock settled on the path.  They hissed but otherwise left me alone.

I picked up a few large feathers to add to my collection. At the time I thought “I’d like to find a white feather,” Few of my feathers are white. Later that day, I realized I was early by a week and it wasn’t Father’s Day.

Today, which really is Father’s Day I set out for the same walk. Just as I started around the first pond my dad was on my mind. I saw a white heron just as it lifted off the water. Flap. Flap…and on the third flap, a white feather fluttered down from the wing of the bird and landed in the dry grass along the side of the path. Of course I remembered the previous week and my wish for a white feather.


Tears pricked my eyes but I was also smiling at how perfectly it happened. I didn’t think my dad actually caused it, but I felt that somehow it was a sign. For the rest of the 2-hour walk I focused on happy memories of my dad, which are easier to bring to mind than in the rough time after he died. I also knew that the rest of my plans for the day – which included some grocery shopping, some crafting and some cooking were all things I could relate to my dad.


Which is why I made buttermilk biscuits to have for dessert with strawberries and whipped cream (using up some buttermilk ’cause dad was thrifty.) And Rem and I made meatballs – well we made beef/pork and lamb koftas, but when it comes down to it they’re pretty much meatballs which my dad made often.  He would have commented that homemade pesto was delicious but expensive.  It was very good with the zucchini and bell peppers I picked up at the Farmer’s Market.


I miss my dad but today was a good day. I honored his memory the best way I knew how.  Father’s Day 6.21.15.


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  1. violetannie63

    Lovely post, Dianne 🙂
    And I love your pages. I like feathers too – I miss my geese and their lovely white feathers x

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