Day 8: 30 Day Journal Project


Leaping into the unknown was the prompt I wrote about on Day 8, #30DayJournal.


“You can’t cross the sea merely by standing and staring at the water” ~  Rabindranath Tagore

The two biggest leaps in my life were in 1998 when I quit my job and traveled alone to Italy for four weeks, and last year when I jumped out of a plane.


Late Wednesday night when I was working on this page, I wanted to check a little detail so dug out the journal I took on the Italy trip, and ended up sitting and reading for the next 20 minutes. I started writing in the beautiful little book a few months before the trip. I wrote about being very sad and lonely and nervous about my plan to spend a month traveling alone.

I look back on the trip with complete delight.  The sadness is not what stayed with me, so it was very interesting to discover these emotions in my journal. I was very proud of myself for having made the decision to go – doing something that the friends and family members who were getting married and starting families could not do as easily.  I saved money for a year, quit a job that didn’t seem to have much future for me, packed my bags and went to Italy!


My journaling for this page covers both pages but the writing is underneath the collage.  I remember talking to the therapist I was seeing about a year before the trip. I was seeing friends marry and have kids and my prospects in that area seemed pretty dim.  His question to me “What can you do that your friends with their jobs, families and commitments can’t do?” and my immediate response was “Travel!” His next question, “Where?” was answered with “Italy.” I guess somewhere in my heart I was just waiting for someone to ask the right question!

Rem gives me envelopes from his ham radio mail – so I have stamps from around the world. I added the Italia stamp for some authentic flavor on the postcard.


Yes, I was scared and the trip wasn’t a perfectly blissful experience from start to finish but I felt strong and capable. I stayed in hostels and a few small hotels – albergos. I met other travelers and Italians, I saw incredible countryside, artwork, and architecture, and soaked up the history and colors that were all around me every day. The food was delicious and I was very happy. Venice was a particular favorite, so I chose Venice for my collage.


Three months after I got home, I met Rem.  A very seasoned traveler, he’d been in Africa for a year and had been home for two months when we met.  We’ve been together for 16 years now.

Thank you for coming by.


July 9, 2015 · 5:56 pm

4 responses to “Day 8: 30 Day Journal Project

  1. Love this Dianne; nice touch adding a photo from your trip to Italy….all came out so well!

  2. it seems your trip to Italy was getting you prepared for your “love”…

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