Day 10: 30 Day Journal Project

30DayJournal Day 10-018

“The cure for anything is salt water. Tears, sweat, or the ocean.” ~ Isak Dinesen

This quote strikes such a chord for me. Being near the ocean and smelling the salt air is a wonderful remedy, and certainly tears and working up a sweat have both worked for me.

30DayJournal Day 10-007

It was late when I started this and I had a mental image of what I wanted for the page. I didn’t actually write my love letter to the Pacific Ocean, or rather, I wrote it in my heart but didn’t get it on the page.

The paper in this particular journal that I found on sale isn’t very good, so I’ve been using a glue stick to adhere two pages together, than priming the page with gesso.

I used water-based dye ink dripped on a very wet page then moved the ink around with a brush.

30DayJournal Day 10-001

30DayJournal Day 10-00230DayJournal Day 10-00330DayJournal Day 10-004

Then I added salt.

30DayJournal Day 10

Flaky Maldon salt, to be specific, sprinkled on the wet inky page.

30DayJournal Day 10-005

The salt pulls in the water which causes patterns to form in the nk.

30DayJournal Day 10-010

I used my heat tool to dry the page, then scraped off the salt with a plastic credit-card type card.

In the quote, at the top of the page, I embossed actual salt in the word salt.

30DayJournal Day 10-013

Unfortunately, I was dismayed when I discovered that though I’d prepped the page with gesso, the wetness of ink and water together had seeped through a number of pages at the center. Wah wah wah wah. I did some clean up on earlier pages (with white paint and some matte medium).



It was the second mishap of the evening. The first occurred when I was rushing to prep this page with gesso before taking an evening walk.  The scrap paper I grabbed to protect the other pages was fine one the first side, but it had some gesso on it that I missed when I stuck it between pages on the other side.

Ack! White gesso on the blackout page. I took a wet brush and started cleaning the gesso off and in doing so, took off some of the black paint. I will probably go back and do some repairs. I’m glad I’d finished that page and had photos!


Back to the soothing ocean and tang of salt air.

30DayJournal Day 10-008

Thanks for the visit.


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