Day 15: 30 Day Journal Project


“Rather than letting our negativity get the better of us, we could acknowledge that right now we feel like a piece of shit and not be squeamish about taking a good look.”  ~ Pema Chödrön

My lovely readers, before we go any further, I have something to ask of you; it is Day 15 of this #30DayJournal project – the halfway mark. It would really help me to know that folks are actually reading and looking at this. Please, if you could, take a moment and put a little comment below. Or, if not today, someday soon and certainly before the end of the project. I can’t tell you how wonderful it would be!

You can see the quote, above, and the prompts for today are:

  • The negativity that gets the better of me is…
  • The feelings I’d rather not explore are…
  • If I exaggerated those feelings, made them really big, then…
  • I’m afraid to explore my feelings about…

My exploration of these feelings wasn’t the best time I’ve had with this project, but I value the process.  I sat down with my open book and blank pages and set the timer for 10 minutes. Sure enough, I had something to say. I wrote on the first prompt, “the negativity that gets the better of me is…”

I think most of us have some negative things we’d rather not explore and therefore we hide them, compartmentalize, smother them (with food, drugs, alcohol) or deny them. After writing, I decided my next step would be to cover them up – apropos, don’t you think?

I collected some paper ephemera: junk mail, book mark, sticker, to-do list, sales receipt, old textbook and dictionary pages, etc. and started covering the journaling I’d done.


You can still see some of my writing in red-brown marker pen

I added more layers, including some tissue paper that allows you to see a bit of what is behind it.


A few more pieces of paper, washi tape and paint is layered on. I used watercolor paint in a mustard yellow, soft blue and medium brown and white acrylic paint.


Small envelopes are layered onto the page. I used a wet tea bag to stain the envelopes and cards inside each one. Our quote for today plus the date is in one envelope with a snippet of journaling on the back.


The card on each envelope has a few words about a specific area that I feel negative about.



It seemed appropriate to call this page “Layers.”


Thanks for stopping by. I hope you’ll check out Day 16 and once again, I encourage you to send a few words my way.



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9 responses to “Day 15: 30 Day Journal Project

  1. I’ve signed up for Sonora’s prompts in my email but I’m not great at responding to prompts yet. For now, I’m letting my hands roam the pages free.

    Enjoyed learning about the layering techniques you used for this page. As usual, I really enjoyed your work!

  2. violetannie63

    Love this layout. There’s a journey and a story in its pages…x

  3. Dana Davis

    you inspire. thank you so much. just opened up you post after doing my morning pages of writing. now am going to take my list i wrote of all my cruddy negatives i was feeling about myself and i am going to take your lead and “layer”.

  4. Michelle Barrett

    Hi Dianne, I love seeing each of your post. Your style varies widely and I like that. More than anything else though it’s that you are doing it that inspires me. I am not following the prompts but I am doing a lot of pages. Mine are 11 x 14 so I’m counting each as two pages. I did paint and chronicle the first four months of the year just missing a few weeks. Was supposed to be a one year commitment but the teacher sorta melted when she lost her little dog and the second one has some complicated health issues. So she quit and will publish a book at the end of the year with the same title. I’m taking a class called 30 pages in 90 days. So I’m using these as my prompts..look forward to seeing your post.

    • Thank you, Michelle, for your beautiful comment. I would love to see your pages. I’m sorry to hear about the problems with the teachers on the project you are doing. I know it helps me stay committed to this project because others are doing it. Of course I could take on something like this on my own, but I won’t because it isn’t the same. 30 days will be more than enough for me. I’m spending lots of time on this, and enjoying the whole process but…get cranky when I don’t get enough sleep and I’m letting other things slip. I like having big pages, but sometimes it feels like a lot of space to fill. This is the first time I’ve done journaling with prompts and it is an interesting process. I’m writing and processing more than usual with my art and I like it. Thanks again!

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