Day 16: 30 Day Journal Project


“Where are your combing seas, your blue water, your rollers, your breakers, your whales, or your waterspouts, and your endless motion, in this bit of a forest, child?”  ~ Walt Whitman

What replenishes your creative well? What inspires you?  I’d love to hear in the comments section.

Day 16 of my #30DayJournal was a great page to work on. I am inspired by things around me, by the work of other artists, by the juxtaposition of colors that I might see in nature or on a building or a sign.


I’ve been very spontaneous with this project and love how this page evolved. My last name means peacock and I’m a fan of peacocks, as you can see from a Halloween costume a few years ago. Their feathers are so rich and beautiful. I decided to use a feather design for my page today.


In the morning, I drew the feather on the right and saw how the barbs on the feather would work to contain the journaling, so added the feather on the left. Then I left for work. I did a little bit of the collage portion during my lunch break but as usual, most of it was done after dinner and late at night.

A beautiful mosaic is what I was picturing for the eye of the feather, so I used bits of paper in a collage.



Two colors of gold foil paper and two colors of glittery trim are incorporated into this part of the page.

Writing about what inspires and replenishes me creatively was easy – I did it first in pencil and went back with a black pen and then colored pens to embellish the letters.


A few squares of paper on one corner help to anchor the design.


I drew the quote for today in this corner as well, using a white pen and adding some color to the letter. Using a wash of watercolor over the white-ink quote inspired me to put a wash of color all around the feathers. The journaling portion has a lot of white and this watercolor added more color to the page.


I appreciate your visit and invite you to come back to see what else I come up with for the rest of this 30 day project.

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