Update to Day 11 of 30 Day Journal Project


I’ve been adding layers of color and doodles to this page.  I think I like the idea of it more than the finished result, but it was interesting to do.   Mine is kind of muddy but I’ve learned some things as I worked on it, and that is valuable.

Here’s what it looked like before:


I read artist Eliza Fayle’s post “How to journal and protect your privacy” in her blog Artful Joyful You, and wanted to play with her technique. This blog deserves more exploration, but it will be August before I have more free time!

In this case I wasn’t trying to keep my journal private, but to explore the concept. After highlighting words that stand out or that caught my eye by drawing a box around them, I adding bright flowers and a watering can and finally filled in with lots of scribbled doodles.




Now, back into the creative fray for Day 17 of #30DayJournal!

Thanks for stopping by.

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