Day 29: 30 Day Journal Project


“Row, row, row your boat. Gently down the stream. Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily. Life is but a dream.”  ~ Nursery Rhyme

My dreams, or the ones I remember, are either mundane scenes of everyday life, or stressful, complicated dreams in which I’m trying to get somewhere or do something but I have to keep moving from room to room, and place to place in confusion. With the boring ones I sometimes pause when I wake up and think “now was that a dream, or was that something that happened yesterday?”  But I will sometimes wake up with my heart pounding after the anxious ones.

In this page I wanted to convey layers of early sleep and falling into dreaming. This is not one of my ordinary dreams, nor my stress dreams. Instead it is a fantasy dream.


First, you close your eyes, relaxing into your pillow. It is night but the sky is bright with stars and a full moon is overhead.

[Hubble Telescope photo of outer space. National Geographic photo]


A wave of tiredness carries you into sleep. You start to dream.

[Ocean waves from surfing article. National Geographic]


A zebra appears.


But it doesn’t seem strange to see a zebra in San Francisco.  The moon is visible behind the Transamerica Pyramid.

[Zebra in front of Transamerica Pyramid picture scanned from cover of textbook]


You notice you are in a boat floating, gently, on sparkly pink clouds.

[Vanity Fair photo]


A large bunch of balloons bobs along behind the boat.

[Vanity Fair photo]


Your shoulder is cold, so you tug on the covers, burrowing into the warm nest of sheets, floating gently back into your dream.


Or was that life? Is life a dream?

Thanks for coming on by. Go gently, dream sweetly.

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