Home (on Wheels) Sweet Home


Rem and I are on the road, vacationing in a rented Cruise America RV. We’ve talked about traveling in an RV and decided the time had come.


This is in front of our apartment complex, after loading up the “rig” with our clothing, bedding, cookware, and other essentials for the trip.  As this was home away from home, we tried to think of everything we might need, without bringing too much.

We did a fair amount of research online, watching orientation videos, reading blogs, etc. so we had an idea of what to expect.  I had some concerns, including driving what still feels huge to me but and now as we are on the way back home I am happy to report that it has been a delightful adventure. That doesn’t mean it has been all sunshine and rainbows, but we will probably do it again.

Here we are, on our way!


Rem didn’t mind driving through the busier city streets as we headed south. In fact, he also drove the RV from the rental place to our home so we could load up.

With plenty of room, we couldn’t resist bringing all our critters


This is the bedroom aka as one of the back corners. Storage bins are overhead. The mattress is comfortable though covered in plastic so it is warm. Rem agreed to sleep in the corner because I get up more frequently in the night.  It means he’s more under the cupboards (more bumped heads) and must climb over me to get out.  It is also means making the bed is more of a challenge.

We originally wanted the compact size vehicle (19 feet long), which would have meant sleeping on a bunk over the cab. I’m so grateful that only the standard was available, which is 25 feet. For the two of us, it has been perfect.


The bathroom facilities are adequate: this small sink and medicine cabinet plus a small space under the sink and through the door a toilet and small shower stall. We’ve stayed in campgrounds with restrooms and showers that are roomier and more comfortable to use.  Which means the shower stall is another space for storing things like my canvas toiletries bag, extra toilet paper, etc.

Here is the kitchen.


A microwave, three-burner propane cook-top and a nice deep sink.  The morning I made pancakes I set off the smoke alarm, (no, not from burning breakfast), but most of the time I’ve cooked without too much hassle. A medium-sized refrigerator and freezer are behind you if you stand at the stove. We are not supposed to use the water for cooking or drinking, since you can’t control the quality, so we have been buying water in large jugs with spigots.

Counter space is quite limited as is storage space.  However, it is ok and I’ve been cooking most of our dinners. I miss an oven but the weather for much of our trip has been quite warm, so I probably wouldn’t have baked anything anyway. I don’t have a picture but there is a huge storage space under the vehicle that comes with a (not very good folding table), where we’ve put some folding camp chairs, firewood, extra water and a box of miscellaneous camping supplies. It would easily hold a large cooler and more.


Rem is at the table which can convert to a bed, though I don’t think the seat cushions, which are thinner than the mattress on the bed, would be as comfy to sleep on.  The large window over the table is wonderful and our view for meals changes as often as we move to a new campsite. With picnic tables at most of the sites, we’ve often eaten outside.

All together, here’s the whole space.  Everything fits together like pieces of a puzzle. This size RV is listed as being able to sleep 5, but I think that would get pretty crowded and crazy.


You can see the fridge behind Rem and beyond the fridge is a small closet and a few drawers.  We have actually kept most of our clothing on the bunk above the cabin the backpack and duffle bag in which we packed them.

Although it feels big to drive…


you can see here it is not the largest vehicle on the road. (That’s a picture, by the way, not a real doggie in the window.)


This is at a rest stop with some of the many, many semis we’ve seen in our travels.


After a fairly easy drive to Fresno for our maiden tour, our first night out was at the curb in front of the home of friends, and we didn’t do the full hook-up. We saved that for our second night, at the KOA in Kingman, AZ, when we actually did it by flashlight. It went much more smoothly than I hoped and (lucky me) Rem is totally ok with doing the sewer hookup.

The landscape changed as we drove along and as we got closer to Arizona, it became decidedly more dry and sparse, with hills and formations out of a Western.



We headed for our first destination: a section of U.S. Route 66. We started in Kingman at the Route 66 Museum. The location and characteristics of Radiator Springs from the Pixar movie Cars are a composite of many different small towns along Route 66.  We learned it is also known as the Will Rogers Highway and colloquially known as the Main Street of America or the Mother Road,  and was one of the original highways within the U.S. Highway System.


In the parking lot of Hackberry General Store we met several members of a group of 40 tourists from Germany traveling by motorcycle. They were en route to Las Vegas where one couple was planning to renew their wedding vows before an Elvis impersonator.


Burma Shave signs liven up stretches of the route, including this group in Hackberry. You can find more here.




Old cars dot the landscape and I imagined my dad would have found this amusing.  A few were beautiful, vintage autos but many were just old junkers but they added character to the various shops and businesses along the way.


Behind Delgadillo’s Snow Cap Drive In, the garden is full of old signs, a collection of outhouses and other kitsch.


After I enjoyed a snow cone and Rem had a chocolate milkshake, we got back on the road to continue our trip.


Next stop: Sedona, Arizona.

Thanks for coming along.


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3 responses to “Home (on Wheels) Sweet Home

  1. violetannie63

    Glad you’re enjoying your trip 🙂 Travel safe and keep us posted on your adventures x

    • Thanks, Sam! With better internet (and more time) I would have been posting earlier, but I’m glad to finally get something out! Probably three more posts to come.

  2. What a fun way to travel!!! Safe journey to you. 🙂

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