Rosy Red Sedona


The scenery on the drive into Sedona, AZ from Highway 40 on 89A is just stunning.  It is just under 30 miles from the turnoff to Sedona. We arrived in the late afternoon which meant the lighting really enhanced the landscape.  The road descends several thousand feet in elevation as it twists and turns into canyons with incredible views. It included some of the narrowest sections of road that we drove on this trip and branches thwacked the mirrors of the RV a few times, making us both jump.


When you reach Upper Sedona, nearly all the buildings are the same warm pinkish color as the surrounding rock formations. The impression is of the whole town formed of the same rocks.

Rem and I were both feeling some mild symptoms from the altitude and heat and were happy to get settled into Rancho Sedona RV Park.  At one point, I think I counted 6 other Cruise America RV’s in the park, including our neighbors one day, a couple from Holland who’d just been to the Grand Canyon, next on our itinerary.


Traveling in an RV is a good way to meet other travelers, at least more so than when we’ve stayed in motels in the past. Over the course of our trip we met folks from Canada, Ireland, England, Holland, Italy, France, Israel, China, Japan, and Australia. We also met plenty of American travelers, some from close by, like a couple from Phoenix that we chatted with in Sedona and others from Tennessee, New York, Iowa and Kentucky.

On an early morning walk I explored the beautiful grounds of the Sedona Creative Life Center. The glass spire is part of the chapel.


This local kitty was very vocal and greeted me with meows, reminding me of our neighbor’s cat at home.



I fantasized about spending a few hours in their garden crafting but our time was too short and we had other things to see and do.


We strolled around Upper Sedona on a very warm day, enjoying misters set up by outdoor seating of some restaurants. I also found a turquoise ring and bought it for myself. Many shops feature silver and turquoise jewelry, which made me think of my dad.


Outside a shop, we met a local critter.


After lunch, we took a trolley tour that included a stop at Chapel of the Holy Cross which is built right into the red rock buttes.






20150926_143240 20150926_143303

Anywhere you go in Sedona, you need only look up to enjoy more fantastic red rock vistas.  We drove up to the airport to get a better look at some.  It is difficult to capture the scale of these rock formations in pictures.







The tour also went through Tlaquepaque Arts & Crafts Village. It is styled after a Mexican village with shops, galleries and restaurants. Cobblestone walkways, arched doorways, tiles, plants and splashing fountains were all inviting when we returned late the next afternoon.



The chapel was closed but pretty even on the outside.



I enjoyed browsing the beautiful and unique necklaces in one shop that were well out of my price range, but still a pleasure to look at.


Dinner at El Rincon was Arizona style Mexican food, a delicious green chile relleno for me, a Machaca (shredded beef) taco for Rem and we shared a blue corn beef taco with guacamole. We also shared an enormous sopapilla for dessert. In the past I’ve had them as a side with dinner: small squares of deep-fried dough, about 3 inches across, that puff into hollow pillows. You bite off a corner and drizzle in some honey.  This was a round about 10 inches across, sprinkled with powered sugar and cinnamon. We broke it apart and ate every bite, also drizzled with honey.


We strolled back to the RV park and waited near the entrance with other guests to see the moon rise during the lunar eclipse. It was the perfect event to top our visit to Sedona.

We said goodbye the next day and headed for the Grand Canyon!


At an overlook you can see the road to Sedona.


Thanks for coming along.




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4 responses to “Rosy Red Sedona

  1. Beautiful photos! Thanks for sharing. What a great road trip – miss you at work; but happy to have some virtual travels with you and Rem.

  2. violetannie63

    Great photos – looks like you’re having a blast 🙂

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