Exploratorium Selfies


Rem and I went to a kid-free evening at the Exploratorium in San Francisco last night.

The Exploratorium is an eye-opening, playful place to explore how the world works. Our exhibits, experiences, tools, and projects ignite curiosity and lead to profound learning.

…as they say on their site. We had delicious soft tacos at the Seaglass Restaurant in one end of the building. Bars are set up throughout the museum.

The first picture is taken on a giant soap bubble “painting.” Beautiful and very temporary.


I took a similar picture the last time we visited.

This time we decided to brave the Tactile Dome – in total darkness. You climb, crawl and explore your way through the space. There are different surfaces and textures: AstroTurf, rope bridges, padded tunnels and gentle slides.  Sorry, I don’t have a picture from this part of our adventure.

This shadow-picture was taken in the Shadow Box which uses large phosphor screens which temporarily stores light from a strobe flash.


It was a perfect date night.

Thanks for stopping by!

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