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Tea Bag Tag Blessings


Here is a sweet gift idea that I got from a colleague. Her daughters looked up DIY Christmas gifts online and found these: replace the tags on tea bags with your own sweet messages. Then they were so excited with how the project turned out, they insisted she open the gift early!

In my case, instead of replacing existing tag,  I added tags, as the box I used didn’t have any. I cut small tags, wrote little messages on them, punched a hole in each tag, looped baker’s twine through the hole and knotted it, and stapled the knot in the twine to the edge of the bag.


To keep the tea fresh, I put them in small cello bags and wrote the type of tea on some pretty labels from my craft stash. A flowery mug from a discount store finished the gift.

Now, every time my friend enjoys a cup of tea, there is a little message to lift her spirits and brighten her day.


Keep calm and drink tea.

Thanks for the visit.

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Button, Button, Who’s Got the Button?


Here are two cute projects that you can still put together before Christmas.  I had one of these little button snowmen for years and have made and given away quite a few. They are cheerful on a lapel or collar and super easy to make.

I’ve been cooking and crafting and taking pictures but I haven’t been very good about getting blogs written and published. It is always a challenge during the holidays for me to 1.) Find the time to blog and 2.) Not post anything that is a gift for someone until I’ve given it to them.

For these little snowmen pins, you need two white buttons with one slightly larger than the other, a pin-back, hot glue, scissors, felt, and maybe some pipe cleaner.


The pin-back needs to be long enough to back part of two buttons without showing above or below them. The silver ones in this picture, with the three holes, is 1 inch long and it works well for most snowmen.

Align the buttons, face down, on your work surface so the two holes on the top are horizontal for eyes and the two holes on the bottom button are vertical for buttons. Apply a small stripe of hot glue and quickly press the back of the pin-back into the glue. Remember that hot glue is very, very hot, so use care when adhering the pin-back. I glue the pin-back on so it is vertical with the clasp at the top.

The glue will likely squish out a bit, but the scarf will probably cover it up. Let the glue cool.  If you need to, remove any glue threads or blobs. Cut a thin strip of felt for the scarf, or use a length of pipe cleaner. Keeping the pin face down, open the clasp of the pin-back and  dot a drop of hot glue onto it, then quickly put the scarf down, a bit off-center.  Wrap it around to the front and use a little tiny bit of glue to keep it in place.


For a top hat, cut out a rectangle, making it a bit wider than the head. Once you have a good size, trim off two corners to make the hat shape, and glue to button head. A red triangle and white pom-pom make a cute hat with the point of the triangle glued forward.

If your buttons have four holes, you can align the button for the head so one hole is covered by the hat and the other holes make two eyes and a nose, like the one in the top photo with the lighter green scarf. A four-hole button body looks like your snowman has a double-breasted jacket.

With an extensive button collection or somewhere to buy a nice variety of buttons, here are ornaments you can make from them.


These are simply buttons stacked with a sturdy thread looped through them. For the snowman stack, I added a scarf made from felt and for the Christmas tree, a little star trims the top.

I hope your Christmas to-do list is nearly buttoned up.

Thanks for stopping  by.


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Salt Shaker Angel


I am trying to focus on activities and holiday outings this year and spend less time (and money) shopping. As usual, I browse Pinterest for ideas and it’s where  I saw this cute recycled salt shaker angel made by Thuula at Thrifty Rebel Vintage.

With fingers crossed, I stop at the Goodwill and was very happy to snag a shaker for 99 cents. I then collected goodies from my craft supplies: beads, buttons, wooden head bead left from making clothespin doll ornaments, an ornament cap, paper, aluminum and copper tape, hot glue, glue pen, glitter and music-print scrapbook paper.

One of the angels Thuula made had a halo made from a key ring and I contemplated using wide gold ribbon for the wings, so don’t think my list of supplies is absolute.


I unscrewed the top of the shaker and washed and dried it, then filled it with beads, buttons and a few glittery pom-poms. An ornament cap, left when a glass ball broke, made a lacy gold collar, which I hot-glued to the top of the glass salt shaker.

Although I have some old sheet music, I was glad to find a page of scrapbook paper with a music design. The old sheet music was too fragile to use in this project. I cut two wing shapes, one smaller than the other, than folded them accordion style. A glue pen and glitter added some sparkle to the wings and hot glue adhered them to the back of the angel.


Fine-tipped markers worked on the wooden bead head to draw a simple face, and a double layer of card stock circles covered in triangles of aluminum and copper tape was hot-glued in place as a halo.


A unique little angel for a friend who has a special place in her heart for all-things-angelic.

Thanks for stopping by.


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