Salt Shaker Angel


I am trying to focus on activities and holiday outings this year and spend less time (and money) shopping. As usual, I browse Pinterest for ideas and it’s where  I saw this cute recycled salt shaker angel made by Thuula at Thrifty Rebel Vintage.

With fingers crossed, I stop at the Goodwill and was very happy to snag a shaker for 99 cents. I then collected goodies from my craft supplies: beads, buttons, wooden head bead left from making clothespin doll ornaments, an ornament cap, paper, aluminum and copper tape, hot glue, glue pen, glitter and music-print scrapbook paper.

One of the angels Thuula made had a halo made from a key ring and I contemplated using wide gold ribbon for the wings, so don’t think my list of supplies is absolute.


I unscrewed the top of the shaker and washed and dried it, then filled it with beads, buttons and a few glittery pom-poms. An ornament cap, left when a glass ball broke, made a lacy gold collar, which I hot-glued to the top of the glass salt shaker.

Although I have some old sheet music, I was glad to find a page of scrapbook paper with a music design. The old sheet music was too fragile to use in this project. I cut two wing shapes, one smaller than the other, than folded them accordion style. A glue pen and glitter added some sparkle to the wings and hot glue adhered them to the back of the angel.


Fine-tipped markers worked on the wooden bead head to draw a simple face, and a double layer of card stock circles covered in triangles of aluminum and copper tape was hot-glued in place as a halo.


A unique little angel for a friend who has a special place in her heart for all-things-angelic.

Thanks for stopping by.


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  1. She is sublime. Lucky friend! Happy Christmas and thank you for all your lovely posts from one of my favourite places, I really do enjoy them.

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