Tea Bag Tag Blessings


Here is a sweet gift idea that I got from a colleague. Her daughters looked up DIY Christmas gifts online and found these: replace the tags on tea bags with your own sweet messages. Then they were so excited with how the project turned out, they insisted she open the gift early!

In my case, instead of replacing existing tag,  I added tags, as the box I used didn’t have any. I cut small tags, wrote little messages on them, punched a hole in each tag, looped baker’s twine through the hole and knotted it, and stapled the knot in the twine to the edge of the bag.


To keep the tea fresh, I put them in small cello bags and wrote the type of tea on some pretty labels from my craft stash. A flowery mug from a discount store finished the gift.

Now, every time my friend enjoys a cup of tea, there is a little message to lift her spirits and brighten her day.


Keep calm and drink tea.

Thanks for the visit.

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One response to “Tea Bag Tag Blessings

  1. violetannie63

    Very sweet – they look lovely 🙂 I am a tea fanatic so I would be very pleased to receive these lovely parcels. Hope your friend loves them too 🙂

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