Getting Started: Hello Soul, Hello Mantra


I played with paint and water last night. I let my 4-year-old self drip and splatter and it was wonderful!

Over the weekend I sorted through and bagged up some art supplies I’m not using to pass along to someone who will use them with an after school program. Some old paint got tossed out.



I was going shopping for new art supplies and I wanted to have a place to put them..

These are the first baby-steps in an e-course I’m taking, Hello Soul, Hello Mixed-Media Mantras, which you are going to see more about as I go along. Actually, the very first steps are journaling. The artist, author, and creator of the course, Kelly Rae Roberts, gives the participants lots of prompts and guidance and it’s good stuff. But I was excited to get my fingers into paint last night.

My intention (and pardon the poor lighting – it was one little lamp over my craft desk):


These are practice pieces, to just play with the paint and the different techniques. I’m using acrylic paint on watercolor paper (140 lb.).


First drips of paint.



Smearing, smooshing, spraying with water. Drips.


I did three playground pieces.





Here’s what I made:






Thanks for the visit.


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8 responses to “Getting Started: Hello Soul, Hello Mantra

  1. Fun! Fun! Fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. violetannie63

    Love it. What fun! I love anything Kelly Rae does so you’re in good hands doing her E-Course (lucky you) 🙂

    • Thank you! I’m loving it. I was trying to comment on your post about the class you took but I was at work and couldn’t seem to remember my password. But I would have enjoyed that art workshop as well. It is important to fill up your creative self with things like this. I used to carve erasers years ago and I loved it. The white rubbery ones. Beautiful stuff!

      • violetannie63

        Yes, it is nice to do a different class once in a while to get the creative juices flowing and learn new stuff, or just to spend some time soley focused on being creating with like minded people. Always fun to make a mess 🙂

  3. I do love your intention and might just borrow it! And I also love the bit you wrote about getting rid of old stuff to make space for the new. I think my angels are trying to get that message through to me. Earlier today I got a newsletter from Louise Hay on the very same topic and now you mention it too. Create space… I think I’ll put that on my canvas. Your backgrounds are inspiring! Happy colours!

    • I hope you do use it! And getting rid (sharing, passing long, donating) of old supplies was pretty big for me. Although it isn’t that long since I did a big craft clean up, I often go to a free craft workshop and we do all different kinds of projects. This means I build up a collection of different supplies fairly quickly. When I looked into the drawers, I saw stuff I hadn’t used in quite some time and it was important for me to have a place for THESE supplies (which also translates to a space for this whole workshop and a space for my creativity!) So I encourage you to hear those angels and that message and create space. For your art and for your creativity. Thanks for the comment!

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