Love People, Feed Them Tasty Food


Love People, Feed Them Tasty Food.

Suresa Dundes had that on a bumper sticker on her car and it was the basic concept for an open house celebrating her life. Suresa, my sister-in-law, died in August after an 11 year battle with cancer.



Suresa and Michael on their wedding day. Michael is the oldest of my five siblings.


Suresa with her girls; Leah and Miriam (the one with the spoon). Clearly loving people and feeding them tasty food has been a life long practice.






Suresa, Michael, Leah, and her boyfriend Robert, Miriam, and her boyfriend Nick.


Miriam and Nick’s wedding celebration, moved up so Suresa could be there.


Rest in peace, Suresa.


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9 responses to “Love People, Feed Them Tasty Food

  1. Oh Dianne, This is such a beautiful tribute. I’ll bet it seems not long ago when Leah and her sister were little girls. What lovely photos. Suresa had a wonderful family. Eileen


    • Kathleen had put together photos into a video and it was being shown at the open house. I didn’t see the whole thing yet, but she sent me some to use here.

      It really doesn’t seem like long at all since they were little.

  2. Phillip Curry

    Thank you for this, Dianne.

  3. Deb Twersky

    We have not met, but I want to thank you so very much for putting this together. For those of us who could not be there at the open house, these photos bring back many happy thoughts. Even more important is knowing that Michael and the girls have family now to share their memories of Suresa and her wonderful life.

  4. violetannie63

    So sorry about Suresa, Dianne. She was loved though, very much, by the look of it and that’s the most important thing. Even more importantly, I’m sure she felt that love and is feeling it still x

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