Love One Another


This angel painting was created for my sister, Kathleen. She asked if maybe I had a painting sitting around she could put up in the office at her new job. Since I give the pieces away, I didn’t have one on a back shelf, but I offered to make one for her.

Her next question: could I do an angel painting of her dog, Stella? Hmm. I suggested I could try including Stella, but wanted to incorporate a guide as well.


I used this picture of Stella after a rainy hike for inspiration.


The simplest, most basic mantra “Love One Another,” is a good reminder to everyone these days.


As usual, it is a mixed media piece with collage, paint, rubber stamping and oil pastels.



I love all the layers and texture.

I’m also really pleased how the angel wings create the look of a wing on Stella.


I think I would be comforted if a guide or angel made herself known to me and she was carrying a puppy.


Coming soon: a blue haired angel. Or maybe she’s a mermaid…

Thanks for the visit!

Here’s a bonus Stella picture, from her puppyhood.





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4 responses to “Love One Another

  1. violetannie63

    It’s beautiful x

  2. Julie Galliani Manso

    Dianne – your Angel and Stella are beautiful!!! The colors are so warm and your art has such beautiful life to it. I’m looking at the texture on one of the close ups – canvas??? Do you spray with a fixative after? Anyhow, I think you should start your own greeting card line, or at least, get in a gallery!!! Your work totally rocks!!! P.S. Etsy???

    • Dear Julie – Thank you for the lovely comments! Most of these are done on canvas boards – a hard surface strong enough to support the collage. I use all different paper (decorative scrapbook paper, doilies, ephemera, vintage wallpaper, etc. and layer it on with gel medium in gloss. The faces are usually oil pastels and there is acrylic paint, ink with rubber stamps and marker pens. I’ve done spray fixative but it was really stinky and kind of a pain to do it, so now I just skip it. Maybe when I retire and can devote more time to creating more pieces but right now I feel like I have so many I want to create for friends, I’m far from the idea of trying to sell them. But thanks so much for your wonderful enthusiasm.

  3. What a beautiful angel and sentiment – “Love One Another” is something the world could do with more of :-). Stella is so adorable and you have captured her wonderfully on your page! Happy Sunday! J 🙂

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