Meeting Mo, the Macaw 12/60

A few weeks ago, I got to hold Mo, a macaw, in Madrid, New Mexico.  Madrid is a little town along the Turquoise Trail – the scenic route from Albuquerque to Santa Fe.  The town name is pronounced MAD-rid, not the traditional Spanish pronunciation. We stopped in town for lunch. This was in an earlier age when you could still eat in a restaurant.  This one had instituted mandatory hand-washing for all patrons before entering the dining room, and tables were 6-feet apart.

After lunch, which I don’t even remember, we went to Shugarman’s Little Chocolate Shop for dessert. I’ll get back to Mo, but first I have to say that this chocolate was SO delicious!  We tasted a few different types of chocolate bark before buying some and I just wish we’d bought more. 

20200403_222032Anyway, back to this sweet bird, who was murmuring his name to us.  He was so chill. We also met his people: Ron and Tim.  They told us that Mo’s full name is Yax Kuk Mo (pronounced Yash Kook Moe) which means “beautiful blue Macaw” in the Yucatec Maya language.  I thought we were at least a little bit birds-of-a-feather with the turquoise streak in my hair, but to be honest, I looked kind of faded next to Mo.


Thanks for the visit.


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