Jump Rope -Fail 16/60

When I was a kid, I loved jumping rope. I remember the little rhymes we chanted as we jumped. I liked to skip solo, sometimes traveling around the playground. I liked spinning the rope faster and faster for red hots. I liked doing it with two friends turning a long rope, and jumping in.

So when I decided to do my 60 New Things Project, jumping rope was one of the things I looked forward to. I procrastinated about ordering one. By now we were on lockdown so I couldn’t go to a sporting goods store and compare ropes.

My sister loaned me one. It was kind of long but I figured out a way to fold the stiff material and hold it. I started jumping. Oof! My head remembered my childhood joy but my body wasn’t cooperating.

I knew I would need to practice. I watched some jump rope basics videos. I tried some more. My lower back hurt. I read about the importance of having the right length rope. My sister suggested trying on the Astro Turf surface by the batting cage at the middle school, as it was more forgiving. My neighbor suggested getting a thin mat to jump on.

I gave my sister back her rope. Maybe I will try jump rope again. Maybe if I can order a rope that is the right length and get a better surface. I will be sure and let you know. In the meantime, I ordered a hula hoop.

Thanks for stopping by.

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