Art Journal Pages

This is a compilation of photos of my Art Journal pages without all the extra chatter.  Each picture will usually represent a one or two-page spread in one of my Art Journals, along with a link to the post in which it appeared.  The posts have more photos and information about the pages.

I’ve been terrible about posting when I work in my Art Journal. Let me try to get a bit more up-to-date.

“Bird” uses collage in the background and large bird image, and some watercolor and stenciling for the title and other details.

Bird Collage

Here are three different spreads from the same blog post. “Exercise 6” (go here for more photos and text).  It has some found paper ephemera and bits of textbook pages.

Exercise 6

This one, from the same post, is unfinished but worth sharing. I never named it but I think “Big Orange Flower” will do.

Bloom Where You're Planted

The third one from that post is a fun exercise of layers of doodles, very unstructured and free-form.

Finished Pages

Several pages with different word and pieces of words, folded create other words. See more here: Folded Pages.

Folding Pages in Art Journal

After a long spell of no time spent journaling, I had a few hours and a real itch to get my hands on these pages.  I went to my Art Journal board on Pinterest and found a spread I liked along with this great quote from John Muir.

Everybody needs...

Pages made up at Sea Ranch: this one is my birthday page: Dianne’s Creative Happy Life.

Dianne's Creative Happy Life

The other one is my Color Wheel page.

Color Wheel

Two pages from an afternoon of Art Journaling with a friend.  The first one is “Sing.”


The second one is “Beauty.”


Pages I created while on vacation to Yosemite and the Gold Country.

Yosemite Art Journal Page

Sonora Art Journal Page

My quirky collage of a man, with wings, sitting on an egg.  Here’s the post with a few more pictures.

An Open Book

Here is “Patchwork Color Storm” page, go here for the post.


In the same post, I also did this Sound Bite page.

Sound Bite

10 Good Things.  See post here.

10 Things 2 Pages

Love where we live/Bloom Where You’re Planted – fold-out pages.  Post is here.


3-D Hand Drawing.  Find the post here.

3-D Hand in Art Journal

Triangles.  Go here for post.


Doors, arches and windows from my new Doors and Portals Journal, post here.

Bronze Door with Green Surround

Turquoise and Orange

Book Room


Jessica and mirrors

Greek Archways

Tuscan Arches

Cover of my 30 Days of Creativity (30 DOC) Art Journal, Day 30, posted here.

The Cover

Day 29: Time for Creativity, link here.

Time for Creativity

Day 28: collage sand gild stamp, and go here for the post.

Collage Sand Gild Stamp

Day 27: Do Something Creative.  Here is the post.

Inside Front Cover

Day 26: Birds in Flight: Blackout Poem and Collage, and here is the post.

Birds in Flight

Day 25: Bird Collage and you can find the post here.

Bird Collage

Day 24: Eye Mask. Post.

Eye Mask

Day 23: Skyclad.  Here is a link to the post.


Day 22: Shine On.  See post here.

Shine On!

Day 21: Spa, post here.


Day 20: Spiral, see the post here.


Day 19: Skateboard Challenge, and the post.

Skateboard Challenge

Day 18: Chard Couture.  Find the post here.

Charlotte Cha-Cha's

Day 17: Niche with Wings, see post here.

Niche with Wings

Day 16: Feather.  Go here to see the blog post.


Day 15: Taj Mahal Kiss and a link here.

Taj Mahal Kiss

Day 14: Peachy.  Here is the link.

Peachy Open Book

Day 13: Venus at the Spa.  See it here.

Venus at the Spa

Day 12: Hand Made. The blog post is here.

Hand Made

Day 11:  White On White.  Go to link here.

White On White

Day 10: (no Art Journal page that day)

Day 9: Let the Beauty You Love, Be What You Do.  Here is the link.

Let the Beauty You Love

Day 8: (no Art Journal page that day)

Day 7: Orange Makes Me Happy!  Click here for the post.

Orange Makes Me Happy

Day 6: Mosaic Poppies.  The post is here.

Mosaic Poppies

Day 5: Paper Moon.  See the post here.

Paper Moon

Day 4: Running Out of Time.  Go here for the post.

Running out of Time

Day 3: Give Me Wings.  This is the post.

Give Me Wings

Day 2: Año Nuevo State Park, link here.

Day 2 Ano Nuevo

Day 1: Happy Birthday.  Here is the post.

Day 1: Happy Birthday

The following pages were done after taking a class at Kentucky Girl Designs.



Wise Woman & Window.

Window Page

View through the Window

What You Do Makes a Difference.

Jane Goodall

During the class, I created these pages:


Garden Page

Fog in Marin Hills (with pockets and tags).

Fog in Marin HIlls



Big Ampersand

I will update this page periodically.  I will also reach back to earlier pages from my Art Journal.

7 responses to “Art Journal Pages

  1. I recently stumbled upon your blog while googling blackout poetry art images and this art journal thing has got my mind racing! I’m by no means artistic, but I look forward to exploring how creative I can be when I start art journaling in 2014. Thanks for the inspiration!
    Ps. I will also, now, follow your blog! 🙂

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    • Thank you for the wonderful link and comment. I don’t think I’m ready to commit to a regular group like this, but I love the idea. Looking forward to more on our site.

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