Readers’ Gallery

This is a gallery of readers’ projects.  Have you made something that was inspired by one of my posts?  It could be a craft or a recipe – either way, I’d love to see it and share a picture here.  Send me a picture  with your name and if you have a blog, be sure to include the link.

Laurie made a Beaded Braid Bracelet in pink and added a key charm.  She is a Thirty-One consultant and wrote that the key represents unlocking your potential. I love her attitude.

Laurie's Key Bracelet

Look at the beautiful vegetables and ingredients for the Cold Noodle Salad Lisa made:

Purple Carrots from Whole Foods

Asian Rice Noodle Salad

Here are Art Journal pages that my sister Kathleen created:

book wo.tags

A beautiful, woodsy scene with pockets hidden in the images.

book w.tags

I especially love the gnome peeking out.  The chipmunk is also pretty cute.

book tags

This is Ariel’s Art Journal with the pocket page.

Ariel's Pocket Pages

Along with tags she created to put in the pockets.  I like all the underwater themes.


Ariel did a 2-page spread on the color purple.


Kathleen did a 2-page spread on the color turquoise.


Alexi made Crayon Hearts.  I love the rich, swirly colors.

Crayon Hearts by Alexi

Alena and Gianna made these lovely Beaded Braid Bracelets and Alena made a Macrame Bracelet (almost covered one of the Beaded Braid Bracelets).

Here is Lola’s little card family of Matryoshka Dolls.  I love how she added an even smaller one than on the template. Lola is in Australia and this is her blog.

Check out these cute (as a button) Button Rings from Mrs. M.  She is a teacher in the UK and wrote on her blog Mrs. M Makes that she made these for every girl in her form.  At midnight.  Whew. I’m certainly familiar with craft projects going late into the night.

Becky made four of these beautiful bracelets: after the copper one on the left she made a Beaded Braid Bracelet, an awesome, chunky Macrame Bracelet out of leather, a Wrap Bracelet with ball chain and leather cord and a slender Macrame Bracelet with a beautiful silver linked-oval connector.

Ariel and Emma wearing creative Bleach Pen T-Shirts they made.

They also crafted a whole slew of Macrame Bracelets (and anklets) and Wrap Bracelets.

Great Dahlia Fold Cards by Carson of Pine & Plum and her sister-in-law and crafting compatriot Jean.

What have you made?

Thanks for stopping by!

8 responses to “Readers’ Gallery

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  2. I love this idea and it makes me want to go back through all your crafty archives and start making stuff. I am planning to make one of those pull tab cards, so I’ll send you a pic when its done.

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  6. Alexi

    How do I send in a picture?

    • Hi – Good question. When I get your request to send a picture, I will (and have in Alexi’s case) sent her an email address for sending the picture. Thanks for asking.

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