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Day 27: Do Something Creative

Inside Front Cover

Day 27: Do Something Creative. This is my inside front cover which, in this book, is pretty much like my title page.

I was thinking about what I wanted and knew I wanted to have my name on it – in essence, this is where I’m signing my work.


I looked at my desk and saw several sheets of grid paper, paper I use under my projects.  In part to cover up my work surface but also to scribble on, test a pen, try out a font, stamp ink off a rubber stamp, test a color, or put a wash of pigment down with a water soluble oil crayon and water that I can pick up with a brush and use on a page.

So these sheets of paper are both desk protector and palette.   They had all sorts of interesting swaths of color, bits of washi tape, smears and scribbles and random words.

My Art Journal

I decided that pieces of the grid paper, with their bright colors and detritus from many of the projects in the book, would be the perfect paper to use for my “title” page.

Borrowing the slogan from The Paper Source, I wrote out the quote on a scrap of paper and colored in some of the letters.

“Do Something Creative Every Day!”


The exclamation mark is mine.  I also added an asterisk and the word “often” below the quote because I know that sometimes life gets in the way and it can be a real challenge to do anything EVERY day.

Inside cover, right side

I added my blog address on the right side.  The word “love” and the word “homemade” were already on the grid paper.


Mod Podge was my collage medium – I just brushed it on the back of each piece of paper and some down on the surface of the page, placed the paper where I wanted it and brushed some more over it.


I really enjoyed creating this page from paper that I normally throw away when it is either too sticky with glue or coated with paint to be effective.

For Day 27 last year, I did a spread on creativity in my Image Journal, the precursor to my current Art Journaling.

The year before I made these Photo Cards.

Thank you for your visit.


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Day 10: Collaged Coffee Cup Sleeve

Beautiful Java Jacket

Day 10: Collaged Coffee Cup Sleeve.  You know those little cardboard sleeves you can pick up to protect your hand from the hot cup of coffee or tea? They’re so disposable.

Plain Sleeve

I picked up a few the other day.  I don’t even drink coffee but I saw the stack of them and remembered seeing some that had been collaged.  I love collage and this was a small scale project.

A hike after work meant I did some crafting during breaks at work today and finished it up after the hike, dinner and a shower.

Java Jacket Collage

I used  Golden Fluid Matte Medium, but I think Mod Podge would also work.

Matte Medium & Collage

Thin paper, magazine pages, printed napkins, origami paper are all good choices for this project.  I included some used postage stamps and security envelope linings.  I even used some card stock scraps.  By running it over a bone folder or the dull side of a scissor blade repeatedly, the card stock can be distressed and the paper peeled into two, thinner layers.  Thinner paper worked better for this small project.

After the little sleeve is covered, let it dry. Glue any corners that may need a little extra help adhering.  Then trim down the paper around the edge.  I was going to fold it over the edge and glue to the inside, but realized it might not slide onto the cup.

Plain Cup

You want it to go on the cup!  The cup is too hot.


I’m going to give my decorative Java Jackets to friends.  I think they might keep them and reuse them.

A little water-soluble oil crayon finished the edge.  I added a few little sparkly stickers.

Two Sleeves

Perhaps they would work as big cuff bracelets.  I didn’t want to put my big hand all the way through – I thought I might break one.

Red Sleeve

Views from the hike:

SR Hike View

Richmond SR Bridge


And that tower at the top of the hill.


In 2012 for Day 10 I made this: Vegetable Potato Salad.

The year before I took a picture of a Toaster with Neon Flames.

Thank you for your visit and support with this 30 day challenge!


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Day 7: Orange Makes Me Happy!

Orange Makes Me Happy

Day 7: Orange Makes Me Happy!  After the Day 6 Mosaic Poppies (that I did today), I needed and wanted to do something FAST!

I decided to do a page on Orange.  I started at 8:17 PM.

8:17 PM

I used the first exercise from Virginia Simpson-Magruder’s workshop that I took recently.  She guided us through these steps.

I glued 3 pages together (one set of three was already glued from the previous spread).  This is to give the pages extra support for the various mediums that will be used on them.

Glue Pages

I took a Sharpie and wrote on the page about a color, in this case: O R A N G E.  I wrote: “Orange makes me HAPPY!  It’s sunny, bright, cheerful and looks great with blue.”

Than I used water soluble oil crayons and stamp pads to color the pages.

Coloring the Pages

Next I used a wet paint brush to swirl the color together and really cover the paper.  Than I used a heat tool to dry the pages.

Dry Pages

Next step is to find images for the spread.  I’ve got a collection but I also have a stack of magazines and I took a quick look through a few magazines as well as through my container of images.

Obviously Virginia gave us guidelines for collecting images.  Take her class to learn more!  And, let me add, I wasn’t completely following her guidelines here.  Remember, I was going for speedy.  But essentially, it’s a good idea to rip out the pages that catch you eye.  Start your collection now.

Tear or trim the images to suit your vision and arrange them on the page.  When you are happy with the arrangement, glue them in place.

Arrange and Glue

Add embellishments (in this case I added some washi tape) …

Orange Makes Me Happy

and any journaling you want.  I put “Orange Makes Me Happy!” inside the “O” in the “Hello”.


I added the date onto one of the mailboxes.


DONE! Yay. 8:47 PM.


It took longer for me to download the photos and put this post together!

Here is the delicious recipe I made last year for Day 7: Lemon Custard Ice Cream

Day 7 the year before resulted in Refrigerator Word Magnets

Thanks for the visit.


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Day 6: Mosaic Poppies

Mosaic Poppies

Day 6, a little late, a mosaic of poppies. Pinterest was, once again, a source of inspiration.  I found this picture and followed the link back to Donna Downey’s awesome blog “Simply Me“.  Lots of yummy stuff to go look at later.

I love these Oriental Poppies and have taken pictures of them at Filoli Gardens:

Poppy at Filoli

And also at the Italian Street Painting Festival in San Rafael:

Street Painting Poppies

I used pictures pulled from magazines and from my stash of saved images (also mostly from magazines).  The poppies have petals made from blinds, dresses, art work and lips.

Poppy Close Up

The flower centers are from a picture of lustrous dark hair and a black pen for the little details.

The green for the leaves and stems came mostly from ads that had leaves in them but also from some green jeans.

Green Leaves

Most of the color for the background “tiles” was background in ads – sky, water, or just a pretty colored  background, but I also used several paint chips, some scrap-booking paper and a great purse.  Look carefully and you can see details like stitching (that’s the purse).

Tile Detail

Page Date: 6/6/13

Somehow it is almost 8PM and I haven’t started the spread for today! Yikes.

Here is the Day 6 project from last year: Shrinky Dink Rings (Fail II)

Day 6 the year before was: Infused Oil

Thanks for stopping by.


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Day 5: Paper Moon

Paper Moon

Day 5: Paper Moon.  This is my take on a page that caught my eye on Pinterest. It is from the blog “La Chaquetita de Punto”  but I don’t know who the artist is.

I collected bits of paper with different text and numbers, the Periodic Table, some old pages from books including textbooks, music, a Scantron, a sky chart from an Astronomy book and more.  Some pieces were white so I dipped them in tea and let them dry.

Moon on Paper

During my lunch break, I collaged the background using Mat Medium .  After dinner I completed the skyline and finished with the moon.

For 2012, Day 5, I did this easy project: Tape Dispenser Before and After

In 2011, Day 5, I never got the hang of: Shrinky Dink Rings

I’m glad you checked out my blog today!


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Day 4: Running Out Of Time

Running out of Time

Day 4: Running Out Of Time.  I started this before going to work and it was a foggy morning.  The image of the woman caught my eye…

Running out of Time woman

Than I  found the misty Venice picture.  It all pulled together when I found the hourglass which seemed to suit the timeless quality of Venice as well as the idea of time running out and the look of apprehension or concern on the woman’s face.


I completed the spread after my choir rehearsal, adding layers of paper and color.

Last year I made these: Double Sponged and Embossed Cards

The year before I made these: Pizza Bites

Thanks for stopping by.


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Day 3: Give Me Wings

Give Me Wings

This joyful spread started with the image of the little girl.  In the magazine where I first saw her she was jumping into her dad’s arms in a swimming pool. On the very next page was the butterfly.  It wasn’t very hard to put those two pictures together in my mind and only a little more challenging making it all work on the page.

Butterfly Girl

The phrase is from a song by Ali Burns, though the full verse we sing in choir has a more bluesy quality than this picture suggests.

Lyrics Give Me Wings

I also went back to yesterday’s spread because I just wasn’t happy with it.  One of the things I like about an Art Journal is that it is pretty easy to change a spread.  You can pull something out, or paste something over.  Here is version two of Day 2:

New Day Two Spread

This includes a postcard showing Pt. Montara Light Station which is where our hostel was located.

Our Hostel

I added one seal photo, moved another, and removed two. Duarte’s Tavern is where we ate lunch in Pescadero.  We were quite hungry after our hike to see the seals and inhaled the shared burger and shared slice of blueberry pie which was served complete with a candle for Rem’s birthday. I was practically licking the plate clean before I even thought of taking a picture.

However, as it was his birthday, we had dessert (banana and Nutella crepe) with dinner (chicken, spinach, caramelized onion and Swiss cheese crepe) and I managed to capture that:

Banana Nutella Crepe

Last year’s Day 3: Icebox Cupcakes

Two year’s ago  for Day 3: Security Envelope Flower Card

I appreciate your visit and your comments.


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Day 2: Año Nuevo State Park

Day 2 Ano Nuevo

We went to Año Nuevo State Park yesterday and saw elephant seals.  This spread has pictures from the brochure and map we picked up, a bookmark and the picture of the bull elephant seal on the right is from a magazine photo of a life-sized seal at the Marine Mammal Center.

Map detail

We saw loads of seals but none of the bulls.  The females and juvenile males were up on the beaches.  Some of the juveniles were sounding off at each other and challenging each other but nothing like the full-on fighting and mating that goes on in January.

You lookin' at me?

Seal Pups

Last year I made this: Cake Stand.

The year before I made this: Embossed Tins.

Thanks for your visit.


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Day 1: Happy Birthday

Day 1: Happy Birthday

First Day of 2013 30 Days of Creativity!  Happy Birthday, Rem!!

View from hostel window

The view from our hostel room window.  We’re staying at Pt. Montara Lighthouse Hostel.

Last year: Washi Tape Banner Birthday Card

Two years ago: Birthday Pennants (I brought them on our trip and surprised Rem with them in the room this morning).

Thanks for stopping by!


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30 Reasons to Participate

Hello, friends.  Here is a great list of 30 reasons  to participate in 30 Days of Creativity which starts tomorrow, put out by the folks at 30 Days of Creativity.  I wrote here about how I’m adapting the concept so I can do it without making myself nuts.
I encourage you to participate at least on some level.  And remember it isn’t “Create a perfect masterpiece every day for 30 days” but rather it is to “Encourage people to create stuff (anything) every day for 30 days”.  June is suggested by anytime you want is also ok.  See?  Create anything.  Toss a nice salad.  Doodle on your To Do list. Put together an interesting outfit.
Encourage is a great word.  Give support, confidence, or hope to someone.

Garner a sense of accomplishment.
Form a(good) habit.
Conquer the fear of the unknown.
Find new friends.
Solve problems.
Refine your skillz.
Experiment with something new.
the resistance that’s in your head.
$ by being creative.
your portfolio.
friends and family to be creative too.
the creativity we’re all born with.
writer’s block.
the drafting table, DLSR Camera, Guitar you bought years ago.
the monotony of not doing anything creative.
your mom proud.
with other like-minded people.
yourself daily.
Show off
and be proud of your creative work.
a creative community.
something free of judgment.
beyond your comfort zone
excited about new things.
time management.
self discipline.
this as an excuse to buy a new (camera/screen printer/piano/etc).
stuff you’ve been wanting to do anyway.

I’m packing a bag of craft supplies because Rem and I are going down the coast for a few days to celebrate his birthday and I’m bringing crafting along. We are going to stay in a hostel at a light house, visit Half Moon Bay and see the elephant seals at Año Nuevo State Park.

Thanks for stopping by.


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