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Balloon Birthday Card


A big, red balloon was the perfect image for a birthday card for my boss: bright, cheerful and uplifting.

As usual, I went to Pinterest for ideas and found Jennifer McGuire Ink and her cute and simple balloon cards, which I pretty much copied for the card front.

Since this was a red-letter birthday (she turned 40), I wanted something extra special on the inside: more balloons!  I found more inspiration on Pinterest with a link to this tutorial video by Valita. Too bad that  I jumped in without thinking and ended up having a few challenges with the card, but I’ll get to those later.

Open the card…




Gold thickers looked great for the number 40.

The mistakes I made include:

  • Heavy watercolor paper for the card – It doesn’t hold the creases as well as a thinner, more standard card stock
  • Double-sided tape that wasn’t strong enough – I ran out of my super-sticky tape and used some Scotch tape and it wasn’t strong enough.
  • No balloon-shaped punch – Not a mistake, really, but each balloon is two pieces, so that meant tracing and cutting out 22 balloons
  • Acetate that was too lightweight – I used a sheet of acetate that is used for copying and it was too flimsy to hold the balloons up, so I had to score and fold two creases in each piece with was fiddly and made them more rigid than I would have liked.

In spite of all of this, I’m pleased with how the card turned out.

Thanks for your visit.



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Cobalt & Magenta Valentine’s


Who knows when inspiration will strike, but recently it was a vase of flowers that inspired the color choices for my Valentine’s this year.

I picked out a brilliant bunch of magenta anemones at the Farmer’s Market and put them into a cobalt blue glass vase.


I’m afraid my skill with a camera is not up to the challenge of capturing this combination and making it look as rich and wonderful as what I’m seeing.   Even as the flowers started to fade, they deepened to a darker shade that was lovely.  I bought the same kind and color of flowers two weeks in a row.



Anyway, I started going through my paper and did a little shopping so I could put these two colors together.


I added brown paper tags and hearts, vintage buttons and some sweet little heart embellishments.  Not shown are some off-white and cream-colored sheet music, textbook pages and other vintage ephemera from my stash that I used.


Although these cards are more focused on paper, I still use rubber stamping and I pulled out my Valentine stamps.

I knew I couldn’t really capture the color of the cobalt blue glass, but I added richness to the card designs with sparkly blue glitter tape and shiny gold paper and ink.

My friend Carson recently showed a technique for a “Braided Paper” background on her wonderful Pine & Plum blog, and I used that for a batch of Valentine’s.

Cut strips of paper in equal widths.


Put adhesive on a piece of paper (this will be covered by the paper strips – I used thinner copy paper rather than card stock).  I like the Tombow Mono Adhesive tape roller.


Lay the first two strips to create a V on the paper.  The ends of the strips can go off the edge and when they’re all glued down, just turn the paper over and trim off the extra.

Cover the paper.  I did a long strip and cut it to size for several small cards.



Once all the base paper is covered and you trim the strips, you’ll have a beautiful piece of paper that looks similar to a braid.


Here are finished cards using this technique.


These small cards will go into little glassine envelopes I found at Paper Source and I’ll be sharing them with friends at work and in my choir.  Heart stickers and washi tape decorate the outside.


I am making more cards, some this same small size (I used place cards) and some more standard size  and all will be using similar collage designs and the same colors and embellishments.



Thank you for your visit.






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Castle Card


Along with making Valentine’s last week, I had a birthday card to make.  Not just any birthday card either, but a birthday card for a Princess.  What does every Princess need? A castle! So I made a castle-shaped card.

Although I saw several different castle cards on Pinterest, I didn’t find one that was fitting my mental picture, so I just sketched out what I wanted with a pencil, and starting cutting it out with scissors and an Exacto knife.


This shows it unfolded all the way, which shows both the front of the card with the big medallion (sticker) on the front door, but also the birthday greeting on the inside


The flip side includes a strip of vellum on the far left  (it added stability to the tall tower).  When the card is folded, the doors open to reveal “Welcome!”



It was fun using little scraps of paper for the turrets and rooftops, and than using different pens to add even more details.  Sparkly glitter tape is perfect for a banner on either side of the entrance.

To go with the Castle Card, I made a little garland of needle-felted wool hearts in ombre shades of blue.



A few years ago, this is the  card I made for this friend:

Thank you for taking time to stop by.



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Nifty Fifty Inchies Card

Nifty Fifty Inchies Card

Here’s another inchies project – a card celebrating my friend Maria’s 50th birthday.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Maria! Yes, you can celebrate all week, or do what I do and celebrate birthday month!  With a day that started with chocolate and included champagne, and lots of laughter with friends, she observed her special day in style.

A milestone birthday was a good reason for creating this card.  I enjoyed my previous inchies project and confess to making another that I didn’t share here because I forgot to take pictures.Angled 50

Most of the time for this card was spent looking through my bits and pieces of paper ephemera to find  as many variations of 50 that I could.

50 degrees

An old dictionary provided a definition, artwork showing a celestial chart and decorative paper with tape measure designs are a few of the things I found.  A small calender page just needed a little editing – I think I created the month of Maytober.

Sparkly 50

Maria is a math instructor so Exercise 50 from an old math textbook was perfect.  A pink square with large white numerals just needed some sparkle to be included.  A glue pen and glitter took care of that.  Every inchie didn’t have a 50 on it.  I wanted to get some other sweet images, more color and more pizzazz, so I added a small tag with a stamped heart, washi tape and printed paper with some gel pen embellishment.

Complete Poems

An old British map, the back cover from sheet music and a Japanese postage stamp all made the cut.  I wanted to include polka dots and the color pink, two things I associate with Maria.  I added a punched out star to the little “Wish” embellishment.

The finishing touch is the gold number 50 stickers called thickers.  A thank you to Carson for writing about crafting with thickers – I was convinced I needed these in my craft arsenal and they really complete this design.

Gold Thickers

All the very best to you, Maria.  I really do think you are nifty, smart and absolutely hilarious!  I was delighted to celebrate your special day with you.

Thank you all for the visit.  This is my 400th blog post!

Bright gold


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Chalkboard Mother’s Day Card

Chalkboard Card w/Envelope

Happy Mother’s Day!  I usually manage to post something about Mother’s Day before the actual day but not this time.

I had several ideas for a Mother’s Day card. I’m not going to mention the other ones because I may use one next year.

Hope Chest 6x6 Paper

I found this pretty “Hope Chest” 6×6 paper pack by Josephine Kimberling and decided to go with the idea of a Chalkboard card and use this paper.  I really like the colors and designs.

Handwritten sentiments on chalkboard backgrounds have been a popular trend for a while.  I thought the black and white would balance the sweetness of the pretty paper collection.

All the White Pens

To start, I dug out various white pens, pencils, crayons and even water color and made a sample of each on black card stock.  My greeting would be the “chalkboard” part of the card.

Samples from White Pens

Then I looked through my rubber stamps and found a cute oval frame.  I stamped it on black paper using VersaMark ink followed by white embossing powder.  The rest is hand lettered.

I embellished the greeting with some flowers and flourishes and some ruled lines.  Most of the white is done with the uni-ball Signo pen and the DecoColor pen but I also used the white Prismacolor pencil.  Some details were filled in with colored Prismacolor pencils as well.

Card Elements

I glued the black card stock with the greeting onto a piece of printed turquoise paper and used wavy scissors to cut around the the edge.  Coral-rose card stock is the base card and I picked out some washi tape and a pink doily. I cut out flowers from the Hope Chest paper and was ready to assemble the card.

Washi tape

The inspiration for the card layout was right on the back cover of the 6×6 paper pack.  I didn’t have all the same elements, but a very similar finished product.  I started with strips of washi tape.


More washi for a border.  I know must of this was eventually covered up, but some of it still shows.

Then I started layering on the doily and the flowers.  The last ones were adhered with foam dots for some depth.  A stick-on pearl was the final embellishment.

Finished Card + Envelope

I’d cut out more flowers than would fit on the card, so used one on the envelope.

The inside of the card has less detail, but follows the same pattern with a chalkboard greeting, some washi tape and some flowers.

Happy Mother's Day card inside

As usual, I finished it off with my little combined “df” on the back and, in this case, a white embossed flower.


I think it is important to sign your creations.

Closer Card

I’m pleased with this Chalkboard Mother’s Day Card and I think you’ll see more chalkboard designs in the future.

I’m also really happy that at the age of 54, my mom still puts my artwork up on her fridge!

Fridge Art

Thanks, Mom! I love you.

Thanks you for stopping by.

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Everyone’s Irish on March 17


Shamrock’s at Muir Woods.

Here’s a little round-up of some of my previous green-themed posts.  It includes links to recipes – just click on the underlined headings.

Rem and I had our St. Patrick’s day dinner a little early over at my mom’s, and enjoyed a sodium-nitrate-free corned beef from Whole Foods.  Happily I have enough leftovers so I could leave some for mom and still have some for tomorrow night’s dinner.

This is a a post about Roasted Root Vegetables which is how I did the vegetables we had this year.  The corned beef and cabbage cooked in the slow cooker.

Root Vegetables

These two salads are both green and both delicious: Baked Feta with Greens and Avocado

Baked Feta with Greens & Avocado

And Emerald City Salad with nutritionally dense kale and chard, brown rice, fennel, apple and craisins.

Emerald City Salad

A pre-spring hike in early March 3 years ago was the source of some pretty green pictures.


This last post includes a recipe of Irish Soda Bread, a redhead, and a lovely blessing.

Irish Soda Bread

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!


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Baby Overalls Card

Baby Overalls Card

I decided that I needed a partner card for the Baby Dress Card I posted recently, so here are a pair of little baby overalls.  I think both cards are especially cute because of the details.

This card folds at the top, like the Baby Dress, with a t-shirt cut from another color of paper. Dark blue and orange markers added the seams and stitching details.  I used a silver pen for the snaps on the legs and a gold pen for the buttons and buckles.

The bib pocket, back pockets and belt loops are cut from a scrap of blue paper and glued on.

Bib Close Up

Back Pockets

For the inside of the card, I cut out a little white onesie.  A few details with blue and silver markers finish it off nicely.


I’ve been working on a pattern for this card as well as the Baby Dress card but I’m down with a cold virus, so that will have to wait a little longer.  I will post a link when I have these patterns ready to go.

UPDATE: Here is a link to the template for the Baby Overalls Cards.

Here is a link to the post with another version of the card.

Standing Overalls

Thanks for the visit.


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