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Past Projects: Cards and Little Foil Tape Houses


Just after Christmas, Rem and I went up to Sea Ranch with my mom. Although I planned a marathon of crafting and bought a bunch of supplies, the actual crafting that took place was more modest in scope. Sitting and gazing out the window interrupted by the occasional nap seemed to be the best use of my time.

I did manage to create a batch of cards, making sets of similar cards with variations in the paper and stamps.


I make cards for my mom that she can use whenever the occasion calls for it. I try to give her some cards that will work for guys – with a color scheme or designs that aren’t too frilly or feminine.


Several of the cards had illustrations from a vintage style alphabet poster, printed on scrapbook paper. The picture below was for “W – wave.”


This “Wish” card is one of my favorites.


I made these cards before the end of last year and it has taken me a month to post them! Since I’m catching up, here’s another project from last year.


These little houses were primarily made as Christmas ornaments, but with a pin-back glued on the back, they were also very cute on a lapel. Made from thin cardboard recycled from cereal and cookie boxes, they’re covered with aluminum foil duct tape and copper tape (used to repel snails in the garden) – two great craft supplies from the hardware store.

These ones were made at a holiday party on the campus where I work, that included a few craft tables. I brought the supplies and gave a hand if needed.  A little something layered under the foil tape, or covered with the copper tape and glued to the front of the houses adds interest.  I also like to press tape over corrugated cardboard for the roof.  The tip of your finger is a great tool to start, but for getting all the details, I used a bone folder.


You can find directions here at Mich L. in L.A.

They are also quite similar to these projects: Pumpkins, Charms, and Leaves.

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Day 20: Aluminum Tape Tags & Charms

If you bought aluminum duct tape for the embossed tins project on Day 2, here is another craft project you can make using it.  If you didn’t buy it yet, you should because now there are two great projects you can make using this supply!

I have been doing lots of looking around online for project ideas for 30 Days of Creativity.  I wanted variety, economy and originality.  I found this wonderful tutorial at Gingersnap Creations  for making these charms and share it with you.  I will also outline the basic idea.

Aluminum duct tape is thin metal tape with a very sticky backing.  I found mine at a hardware store.  To make a charm you put a piece of tape on card stock, punch out (or cut) two of the same shape, and glue the two shapes together with the card stock on the inside and the metal tape on the outside.

Note: When I went back and read the tutorial over I realized that Penny at Gingersnap Creations adds an additional layer of card stock to her charms! I didn’t read this very carefully the first time in my excitement at trying out the project.  So her charms are thicker than mine.  I’m happy with my version but love the many variations she shows on her site.  If you do make thicker charms, you will probably want to go around the edge with silver pen.

You can stamp  (use StazOn or another permanent ink) designs or text onto the charm, or stamp and emboss the charm after making it or emboss your design on the paper first and then press the metal tape over the design.  Rub over it with a brayer or your finger to get all the tape pressed firmly over the design. This means you can make charms with any stamp you have!  I was really having fun with these and have ideas for more variations I still want to try.

Another way to embellish the charm is to use chipboard, foam or felt shapes and adhere them to the card stock before covering with the foil tape (the “Create” tag was done this way). Rub over the shapes with your finger or gently with something like a pencil eraser.  I tried it with an embossing tool and it left marks on the foil, so be careful.  To further enhance the design, color all or part of the design (I used Sharpies and StazOn ink).  Carefully rub off some of the ink with paper towel to show the design or run a sanding block softly over the surface a few times.

Once you’ve finished with the charm, punch a small hole and add a jump ring, cord or ribbon and add your new charms to cards or other creations.  Tomorrow: cards using Aluminum Charms.

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