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Past Projects: Cards and Little Foil Tape Houses


Just after Christmas, Rem and I went up to Sea Ranch with my mom. Although I planned a marathon of crafting and bought a bunch of supplies, the actual crafting that took place was more modest in scope. Sitting and gazing out the window interrupted by the occasional nap seemed to be the best use of my time.

I did manage to create a batch of cards, making sets of similar cards with variations in the paper and stamps.


I make cards for my mom that she can use whenever the occasion calls for it. I try to give her some cards that will work for guys – with a color scheme or designs that aren’t too frilly or feminine.


Several of the cards had illustrations from a vintage style alphabet poster, printed on scrapbook paper. The picture below was for “W – wave.”


This “Wish” card is one of my favorites.


I made these cards before the end of last year and it has taken me a month to post them! Since I’m catching up, here’s another project from last year.


These little houses were primarily made as Christmas ornaments, but with a pin-back glued on the back, they were also very cute on a lapel. Made from thin cardboard recycled from cereal and cookie boxes, they’re covered with aluminum foil duct tape and copper tape (used to repel snails in the garden) – two great craft supplies from the hardware store.

These ones were made at a holiday party on the campus where I work, that included a few craft tables. I brought the supplies and gave a hand if needed.  A little something layered under the foil tape, or covered with the copper tape and glued to the front of the houses adds interest.  I also like to press tape over corrugated cardboard for the roof.  The tip of your finger is a great tool to start, but for getting all the details, I used a bone folder.


You can find directions here at Mich L. in L.A.

They are also quite similar to these projects: Pumpkins, Charms, and Leaves.

Thank you for your visit.




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Copper Foil Tape Leaves

Here is another project using copper foil tape: simple leaf shapes hung on a bare branch.  The leaves would also look great tucked into an autumn wreath for your door or scattered on the table.  I can imagine them used in place of name cards for Thanksgiving (write names on with a Sharpie) and I plan to hang a few on our Christmas tree.

This is very similar to the pumpkin pin here but with a few differences.  If you purchased the tape for the pumpkin pin, you should have plenty left over to make these beautiful leaves.  If you didn’t buy it yet, you just might consider this project and pick up a roll.

In case you missed in in that previous post, this tape is sold in hardware and gardening stores and it is designed to repel slugs and snails.  Making these leaves, in my opinion, is both more lovely and more creative than using the copper tape for its original purpose.


Copper Foil Tape

Card Stock

Leaf Stencil or Pattern about 2 1/2 inches from stem to tip (I used a rubber stamp, stamped onto thin cardboard and cut it out.  You could trace a real leaf or find a leaf image in clip art.)


Pencil (not too sharp)

Glue Pen (optional)

Ultra-Fine Copper or Gold Glitter (optional)

Small Hole Punch (if hanging leaves on branch or attaching to wreath)

Thin Copper or Gold Cord

For Tabletop Decoration:


Black Spray Paint


Foam Brick (such as Oasis for holding floral arrangements)

Dried Black Beans (to cover foam brick and weigh container down)


Start with a piece of card stock just large enough to fit the shape of the leaf.

Cut four strips of foil, two for each side, large enough to cover the card stock.

Peel a corner of the backing paper from the first piece of foil (don’t peel the whole strip off because the foil has a tendency to roll back up and stick to itself), and lay it down, aligning it with the edge of the card stock, peeling the rest of the backing off and pressing to the card stock as you go.

Start the second piece of foil the same way, aligning it with the first piece of foil.

Repeat on the reverse side of the card stock.  You now have a sandwich: foil on either side with card stock in the middle.

Put your leaf pattern down so the seam between the two piece of foil on one side are more or less lined up with the center vein of the leaf.  Use the pencil to carefully trace around the leaf.

Cut out the shape.

Draw veins onto both sides of the leaf with the pencil.

Using a glue pen (I love the 2-way Glue Pen by Stampin’ Up!), go over the veins on one side.

Cover the leaf with glitter.  Tap off excess.

Set aside to dry briefly before doing the back side. (I found it simplest when working on multiple leaves to do all the steps for about 4 leaves at a time)

Repeat glue and glitter on reverse side of leaf.

Punch a small hole at the base of the leaf.  Thread a thin piece of copper or gold cord through the hole and tie a knot.

For the branch:

Rem spray-painted a branch with  black paint for me.  If I did this again I would be more careful about the  branch.  This one would have been have been better if I had cut it down a bit shorter.  It doesn’t have to be painted black but I think it looks more finished.

Put a chunk of foam block such as Oasis into your container.

Push branch into foam block.

Fill container with dried black beans until foam is covered.

Hang leaves from branch.

Enjoy the beautiful fruits of your labor.

Thank you for the visit.


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Pumpkin Pin Made With Copper Foil Tape

Here is a fast and easy little project: a cute little pumpkin pin made from copper foil tape.  You might remember the aluminum foil duct tape project I did here during my 30 Days of Creativity.  This is very similar but using copper tape I found in the hardware store. The tape is made to repel slugs (Corry’s Slug & Snail Copper Tape Barrier) from plants in your garden but lends itself beautifully to crafting.


Copper Foil Tape

Small Pieces of Card Stock



Bone Folder (optional)


Small Ball-peen Hammer (or spoon)

Foam Mat (or folded paper towels)

Oval punch (optional)

Thin Cardboard (such as cereal box)

Decorative Paper

Hot Melt Glue Gun and Glue Stick

Pin-Back  (Found at Hobby Lobby, Michaels or other craft store)

Sharpie Pens in black, green and orange (optional)


  1. Cut shape out from card stock, no wider than 2 pieces of copper foil tape (about 2.5 inches)
  2. Use a scrap of card stock to glue another layer of paper to reinforce stem.
  3. Cover shape with copper foil tape: carefully peel back corner of paper backing but leave most of the paper on. Adhere from the bottom of the pumpkin shape, pulling paper backing off as you go. Repeat with second piece with a seam up the center of the pumpkin.
  4. Use your fingers to smooth the foil over the paper, especially the edges.
  5. Trim foil close to the edge of the paper and smooth around edges with your finger or a bone folder.
  6. Layer an additional piece of foil to stem.
  7. Using a dull pencil, draw curved lines on pumpkin, including up the center to disguise the seam. 
  8. Put pumpkin, foil side down, on a foam pad (or several layers of folded paper towel) and rub with the ball end of a ball-peen hammer (or a spoon) in circular motions, pressing the pumpkin into a rounded shape.
  9. Use a green Sharpie to color the stem and a black one to color the lines.  If desired, add a line of orange Sharpie next to the black lines.
  10. Punch (or cut) two oval shapes from thin cardboard and one oval from decorative paper.
  11. With hot glue gun, glue the two cardboard ovals together.  Glue the decorative paper oval to cardboard ovals.
  12. Glue to the back of the pumpkin.
  13. Glue a pin-back to ovals.

With the supplies on hand you can probably make a pumpkin pin in almost the time it takes to read this post.


This little pumpkin looks great pinned on your lapel or sweater.

More Halloween posts to come. Thanks for the visit!


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Art From The Heart

Felted Wool Chocolates

This and all of the following wonderful creations are Valentine projects that my sweetheart and I have crafted for each other. Rem came up with “Art From The Heart”  for a name to our ongoing project and it really is.  He got the idea 9 or 10 years ago after reading an article about a man (one of his coworkers at the time) who made clever Valentine projects for his wife.  Many were made from recycled materials and were created in a clever, whimsical style.

We decided to give it a try and a tradition was started.  Both of us have a lovely display on the wall by our bed, mine to him on his side and his to me on my side.  So here is a gallery of many of the items we have made for each other.  No instructions,  just some details on the various items.

You can click on the little pictures if you want to enlarge them.

Needle Felted Chocolates (above at top of post): This was fun to work on because I needed models to work from (of course).  I’m very pleased with the results.

Heart of the Tree: Rem picked up the piece of wood when we cut down our Christmas tree one year.  It is a slice from the bottom of the trunk and he sanded and polished it up, varnished it and added red glass pieces in the shape of a heart.

Music Box Heart

Music Box Heart: SCRAP in San Francisco is a wonderful nonprofit: a creative reuse center that receives materials from businesses that would otherwise go into landfill and makes them available to teachers, artists, organizations, etc.  I picked up this music box there and decoupaged and decorated it.

Recycled Spaceship

Recycled Spaceship: Parts from a plastic storage box, a milk jug and other bits and pieces came together with stickers and foil in this spaceship that Rem made.  The love story that accompanied this Valentine project made it even more special.

Home Is Where the Heart Is

Home Is Where The Heart Is: I made this small  cardboard and paper house one year for Rem, my happy homemaker. The brown house is covered in a patchwork made from Trader Joe’s grocery bags.  The red heart on the front of the house, and the blue shingles on the roof were made from pieces of boxed products we use around the house (cereal, Kleenex, pasta, tea, etc.)

Puppy Love

Puppy Love: Rem soldered this little puppy bookmark from found parts for me but it was a bit heavy for a bookmark.  It looks wonderful on the wall with the other Valentine projects. I love the little heart nose.

B mine

B mine: A letter B from Michaels is what I started with for this one and then painted it blue and added swirls, charms and letters to spell out “mine”. The B stands for both “be” and “Boo”, one of Rem’s nicknames.

Red wire heart on copper

Heart Wired: This one from Rem just knocked my socks off.  Copper and aluminum with soldered hearts on the corners and a big fat heart in the center made from bundles of red wire.  Tough materials transformed into a sweet token of love. Awww.

“Things I Love” Altoids Tin Closed





















Things I Love: I saw versions of this project online and had lots of fun making it: a little book that fits inside an Altoids tin then accordioned out with decorated pages about some of the “things I love” about Rem.


Heart in the Sand

Heart in the Sand: Rem did a photo project last year: a photo a day, every day, for the whole year!  In keeping with this enterprise he went to the beach, drew in the sand and took a picture of it for my Valentine.

Love Book






Love Book:  This little book was one of the first projects that Rem made.  He used scavenged HVAC metal, complete with little charms and a copper heart on the back.

Morse Code Valentine

Detail of Morse Code Valentine

Morse Code Valentine: I wanted to make something for Rem that included Morse code as he is into HAM radio (and uses Morse code for that).  I punched dots and dashes out of foil and included a foil-embossed design from a rubber stamp.

Altar di Amore

Altar di Amore: More scavenged metal parts (a CD cover and a cake tin) wired together by Rem to create a love altar.  I added little trinkets including a few from Folk Art Gallery in San Rafael and a heart-shaped piece of coral from a friend.

Kinetic Hearts

Kinectic Heart Close-Up

Kinetic Hearts: This is the Art From The Heart for 2011 from Rem and it was another one that really wowed me.  It is like a kind of a mobile but instead of hanging from the ceiling, it hangs from a bracket that comes out from the wall.  A strand of red wire is strung with three thin copper hearts that have a hammered texture.  Fishing line swivels are interspersed with the hearts along the wire so the hearts turn slowly as they are moved by air currents.  The hearts seem to float in front of the wall.

Carved Tree Trunk

Love Note

Tiny Love Letter

Heart Engraved Tree Trunk: My creation for 2011 is this tree trunk with our initials “carved” into the wood (crafted from cardboard, paper mache, paper, string, ink, glue and paint). Hidden under a knot on the lower left is a secret space for a tiny love letter.

I hope you’ve enjoyed looking at our creations.  Have you got your own “Art From The Heart”?  If so, please send me pictures so I can post them. If not, maybe these projects will inspire you to craft something special for someone you love.

Thanks for stopping by.  Your comments are welcomed and encouraged.


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