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Day 7: Refrigerator Word Magnets

What does your fridge say?  If you are like me, it might say Extreme Pizza, PG&E and Golden Gate Bus…all on magnets, that is. For this creation I took those thin, freebie advertising magnets and and covered them up to make some beautiful, new, inspiring magnets.

Stamp your words onto pretty card stock.  You could also  type and print out words using different fonts, or cut them from magazines.  Adhere the card stock or paper to thick, heavy cardstock, in my case, heavy pages left from a calendar from last year.  I experimented last night and found you need this extra step because of the coating that finishes the magnets.

Now cut around your word so you have small rectangles.  Prep the magnet by either peeling off  the ad that is showing or sanding the surface so it is no longer shiny.  You want to be sure it will be a good surface to stick the words to. Adhere the words onto the magnets. I used heavy sticky tape (a strong, double-sided adhesive with a peel-off backing).

Wet Diamond Glaze covers word magnets

Apply a thick coat of Diamond Glaze, a dimensional adhesive.  Don’t shake the bottle before using and start squeezing a bit of the glaze onto scratch paper to get out any bubbles.  I used the nozzle of the bottle to spread a thick coat over each word.  Let dry.  I’m not sure how long this takes.  My first test run was overnight.  The second set I left before work and it was dry when I got home. This final step is what gives them a raised, glassy finish.

That is it!

Imagine. Truth. Inspire. Dream.  Explore. Hope. Love.

And create something new tomorrow!  Thanks for checking out my 7th project out of 30 Days of Creativity.


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