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Catching Up

Molly in Windowseat

Rem and I are at Sea Ranch enjoying post-holiday down time. Things get a little chaotic before the big day and in the days right before Christmas I was up early every morning and staying up late at night crafting and wrapping gifts and ornaments.

Our Christmas tree is lovely but putting a large tree in our small apartment means moving the dining table up against my craft desk and eating dinner on the bed. I worked on several craft projects at once, letting glue or paint dry on one while I decoupaged another. The art supplies covered both the table and desk and, as usual, I just kept working on top of the mess, letting my work area shrink down to the size of my hand instead of putting things away as I worked.

So here we are, spending some time with my mom in her vacation home, really relaxing and catching up on our rest.  It is wonderful having free time with no schedules or deadlines.  There are no streetlights outside the windows, no neighbors in apartments above or next door, hardly any traffic and the prevailing sound outside at night is the whoosh of the ocean. We come downstairs to the chilly bedroom after sitting by the wood burning stove in the living room. A soak in the hot tub under a star-filled sky then murmured conversation as we snuggle under a cozy down comforter and sink into deep sleep.

I have brought craft supplies along but without any deadline and with plenty of space, I don’t feel stressed to finish things, and better enjoy the creative process.  We’re heading back home tomorrow and I still have vacation time to enjoy more crafting and cooking.  Maybe I’ll even catch up on blogging.

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Paper Heart Wreath

Paper Heart Wreath

I love to decorate, at least a bit, for different holidays.  Rem and I both like to observe and celebrate things from the mundane to the fantastic. We used to have a seasonal box of stuff that we would put up in and around our apartment for various holidays and occasions. We didn’t always manage to get the Chinese Lanterns or shamrocks in place in time, so now we focus on just a few holidays and Valentine’s Day is one of my favorites.

I’m just a huge fan of hearts. Plump, curvy hearts make me happy.  So here is the first of two easy Valentine wreaths you can make.

Heart Wreath on door

I saw this on Pinterest (I think I’m going to start using “ISTOP” as an acronym for “I Saw This On Pinterest”), my go-to inspiration site.  The one I saw was on oval shape, but the one I made is round.  You may remember some heart-shaped ornaments I made using paper strips.  These hearts are similar…but different.

For this wreath you will need:

8 strips of double-sided patterned paper (or 16 strips of single-sided patterned paper), 2 inches x 11 inches

adhesive to stick the paper together (if you don’t have double-sided patterned paper) – I like Tombow mono adhesive tape runner

mini glue dots to form hearts and stick hearts to each other

hole punch

bakers twine

If you are using single-sided patterned paper, you need to glue the strips back-to-back to make 8 strips of double-sided patterned paper.  I used my Tombow tape runner but a glue stick would be fine.  You’ll want to let it dry for a few minutes before shaping the strips into hearts.  Glue all the way to the edges because when you start bending it, the backside will show if it isn’t really glued together well.

Strips of Paper

Fold each strip in half.  That creates the point at the bottom of the heart.

Folded Strips

On one end of a strip, put three mini glue dots.

Glue dots on paper

Curve the two ends of the strips inward so they meet, forming the curves at the top of the heart, and the heart cleavage. Press together to adhere.  I found it easiest to do this with the paper it’s edge on the table.

Continue to glue all the paper strips into heart shapes.


Once you have all eight hearts, put two glue dots on the side of one heart and press it go another,  gluing the hearts together.

I initially tied a ribbon on either side of the top four hearts to hang this wreath, but the wreath started to look distorted. I decided to punch a hole in two different hearts (one to either side of the top, center heart) and string some bakers twine through the hole.

Heart Wreath on Table



I think so!

Here are a few more Valentine decorations from past posts:

Have you seen this cute, Needle Felted Heart Garland I made? Or this Punched Heart Garland with Vintage Paper?  It is a very simple project.  The rich colors of these Crayon Wax Paper Hearts are beautiful in a window.  One of my all-time favorites are the Heart Strings, which I have up year round.

I’ll post another cute and easy Heart Wreath soon. Thanks for stopping by.


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Missing Santa

Santa Mike & Papa

It’s Christmas Eve and also my dad’s birthday.  This is our first Christmas without him.

In the picture above, my dad is on the right and my brother is on the left.  Being Santa is kind of a family thing.  I love Christmas and have lots of wonderful memories and traditions that I enjoy.  But I miss my dad and find the sadness catches me by surprise sometimes.

Ceramic Santa

Of course Santa is everywhere this time of year and most of the time I’m ok, but sometimes I lose it. I don’t feel bad about crying either.  I’ve found that the sadness passes too, often as quickly as it comes.

Rem's Santa

My dad didn’t play Santa that often but he had the beard, the twinkle in his eye and the love year ’round.  He really loved playing Santa and had a whole character down.  He wasn’t a bored mall-Santa with an acrylic beard and vinyl boot toppers putting in his shift.  He interacted with the kids, listening to them and asking them questions.  He used to talk about “Randolph” the reindeer.  Kids would try and correct him but he would insist that his reindeer’s name was Randolph.

Li'l Li'l Pup

Sometimes, he would pretend to fall asleep, snoring dramatically, because he was so exhausted from working in his toyshop.  Some kids, usually girls, wanted to let Santa sleep, shushing others with a cautious “Shhh, Santa’s sleeping.” But others, often little boys, would tug his sleeve and shout at him “SANTA!  Wake UP, Santa!”

Santa on a Big Rig

So – I’m thinking about my dad and missing him.  But I look around and see the familiar red hat with furry white trim.  I’ve decided that Santa is a good way to remember him.

I made a pot of minestrone the other day using his recipe.  Cooking is another good way to remember my dad.  Making and eating the soup thick with vegetables, elbow macaroni and beans, topped with grated Parmesan cheese was like a little tribute to him.  He enjoyed cooking and loved feeding others.

Our family will be gathering today and tomorrow and there is an empty place and a sadness with him gone.   But his memory lives on in countless ways.

Papa in Red

David Faw

December 24, 1934 ~ May 24, 2012


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Day 24: Buttermilk Lace Pancakes

This post has a recipe for delicious buttermilk pancakes from Noreen at Picture the Recipe.  You can make these in the traditional round pancake shape or follow the technique also shown on Picture the Recipe (and plenty of other sites) and make them into lace pancakes.  The technique would work with other pancake batter (including Bisquick) but this recipe makes such good pancakes, I recommend using it.

I made these in our new pan from Ikea but it would be easier making them on a griddle.  The edge of the pan made flipping them a little bit tricky.

Once you make up the pancake batter…

Pour it into a squeeze bottle.

Spoon the batter into a glass measuring cup and then pour it into the bottle.  It is thick batter so I ended up with some on the outside of the bottle but it was easy to scrape back into the bowl.  I cut off a little bit of the tip of my squeeze bottle so the hole would be larger for the batter to come out.  Other sites suggest putting the batter into a large Ziploc bag and, after squeezing out excess air and zipping the bag closed, snipping a small hole from one corner.  I haven’t done that and imagine it would be a little more difficult to control than a squeeze bottle, but I think it would work.

Set the temperature for your burner or griddle on medium-high heat.

Update: I read on Not Martha, on her great post about making Flower Pancakes, to turn the heat down a notch to allow time to draw the batter into a fancy shape.  Great tip!

Once your pan is hot, spray it with nonstick spray and squeeze your design out onto the pan or griddle.  Do the outline first and any dots or frills around the edge, than add loops, flowers, squiggles, lines or zigzags to fill in the rest of the space, making sure you have all the parts of a particular pancake connected with lines of batter for structural integrity.

Carefully flip your lace pancake and brown the other side. Serve with fresh fruit, syrup, powdered sugar or whatever toppings you like.

We had them for Sunday Lunch but they would be wonderful for a romantic Valentine’s Day breakfast or a pretty Mother’s Day treat.

Buttermilk Lace Pancakes

Adapted from Picture the Recipe

Combine dry ingredients:

2 cups all-purpose flour

2 tsp. baking powder

1 tsp. baking soda

1/2 tsp. salt

5 Tbsp. sugar

In a separate bowl combine wet ingredients:

2 eggs

2 cups buttermilk

5 Tbsp. melted butter

Pour the dry ingredients in with the wet ingredients and combine but don’t over mix.  There should be some lumps in the batter.   Cook on griddle over medium high heat.  Spray griddle with nonstick spray before pouring batter.  A 1/4 cup measuring cup is a good scoop if you are cooking traditional, round pancakes.  Cook until top has bubbled and bubbles have popped, flip the cakes and cook the other side until golden brown.  Serve and enjoy.

Fresh fruit from the Farmer’s Market made a delicious topping, dusted with powdered sugar.

I had a break for project #24 last year: Gnome made some cute file folders out of old calendar pages.

Thanks for the visit.


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