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Blue Haired Mermaid


When I started this piece, I didn’t have any image in mind. I started by collaging around the sides, leaving space in the middle for a face. Most of the collage elements were eventually covered but they’re still part of the process and add texture.

Next, I started on her face. Coming back to work on it fresh one evening I had this clear thought “I’m going to give her blue hair!” You could say it came out of the blue.


After I finished her blue hair, I decided she just might be a mermaid. So I put bubbles into her hair and added a seahorse and a fish.


I noticed that some of the textured paper I used in the collage looked kind of like a sand dollar, so I used paint to enhance it.


I decided to extend the collage and paint onto the edges of the canvas board. I was so pleased with how it turned out that I went back to an earlier piece and did the same thing.



The little snippet of music includes the lyric “…found me…”. Love that.

No mantra has occurred to me yet. I love her wild blue hair and her strong, steady gaze. She speaks to the Pisces in me.


For now she is in my office, on a shelf over my computer, so I see her all the time. She looks at everyone who comes into the office.

As always, I appreciate your visit.


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Folk Art in Sebastopol

Rem and I enjoyed a relaxing few hours in Sebastopol last Sunday revisiting the wonderful folk art sculptures of Patrick Amiot and Brigette Laurent. Our first stop was at Renga Arts which includes both a shop of art and products from reclaimed and recycled objects and a sculpture garden.

There are sculptures around the city of Sebastopol but a visit to Renga Arts and a few blocks of Florence Avenue are where you will find many of them.

From farmers on tractors to firefighters in their firetruck, complete with dalmatian, all the figures are full of quirky character.  Look closely (click on photos for a closer look), to appreciate the clever use of found and reclaimed objects.

A White Rabbit glances nervously at his watch, a waitress runs to deliver fresh coffee, her arms loaded with plates, while a tired milk man drags along delivering milk, watched by three kitties in the background.


There are vehicles of every kind from a dog-piloted biplane, and a natty skipper sailing a yacht, to a skeleton on a motorcycle and a shark truck.

Even more run-of-the-mill trucks have sweet characters either driving  or riding in them.  A couple with a dog in the back of their truck look happy as does the dog.  Another truck has a cow in the back and I loved the Three Little Pigs Construction truck; a glance in the back and I noticed sticks and bricks.

It’s not all work either.  A banjo player plays while relaxing in his rocking chair. A baseball player that bears more than a passing resemblance to Babe Ruth is in the middle of a game, and a surfer catches a wave.  Three acrobats stand on each others shoulders while one is juggling, and two old codgers drink beer by the campfire.

There are characters from history, myths and comic books with an Indian astride a wheeled horse , steering with a steering wheel, with three turkeys riding along behind, Batman in full gear and not one, but two mermaids.  My very favorite is the final one here, the beautiful mermaid with her fishy tail covered in metal scales.

The imagination and detail of these figures is really something to see. If you are in the area, consider a visit to Sebastopol and search out these folk art sculptures.  You can also get a calendar with rich, beautiful photos of whimsical folk art by Patrick Amiot.  It is a fundraiser for local school.  The 2012 calendar sold out but you can go to this link to pre-order a Folk Art for School calendar for 2013.

Thanks for the visit.


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