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Day 16: 30 Day Journal Project


“Where are your combing seas, your blue water, your rollers, your breakers, your whales, or your waterspouts, and your endless motion, in this bit of a forest, child?”  ~ Walt Whitman

What replenishes your creative well? What inspires you?  I’d love to hear in the comments section.

Day 16 of my #30DayJournal was a great page to work on. I am inspired by things around me, by the work of other artists, by the juxtaposition of colors that I might see in nature or on a building or a sign.


I’ve been very spontaneous with this project and love how this page evolved. My last name means peacock and I’m a fan of peacocks, as you can see from a Halloween costume a few years ago. Their feathers are so rich and beautiful. I decided to use a feather design for my page today.


In the morning, I drew the feather on the right and saw how the barbs on the feather would work to contain the journaling, so added the feather on the left. Then I left for work. I did a little bit of the collage portion during my lunch break but as usual, most of it was done after dinner and late at night.

A beautiful mosaic is what I was picturing for the eye of the feather, so I used bits of paper in a collage.



Two colors of gold foil paper and two colors of glittery trim are incorporated into this part of the page.

Writing about what inspires and replenishes me creatively was easy – I did it first in pencil and went back with a black pen and then colored pens to embellish the letters.


A few squares of paper on one corner help to anchor the design.


I drew the quote for today in this corner as well, using a white pen and adding some color to the letter. Using a wash of watercolor over the white-ink quote inspired me to put a wash of color all around the feathers. The journaling portion has a lot of white and this watercolor added more color to the page.


I appreciate your visit and invite you to come back to see what else I come up with for the rest of this 30 day project.

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Fine Feathered Finale

Here is my Peacock Costume for Halloween 2013!

Full Costume, tail down

I made the fancy feathered tail and all the other accessories; from the crest on my head to the embellishments on my sandals, and all the jewelry in between.

Head Shot, mask up, tail up

I had planned to attach the mask to my glasses but at the last minute it wasn’t working.  I had Rem plug in the glue gun, and with some wire, a chopstick and a few plastic baubles, I converted it into a kind of lorgnette.  It was much easier than wearing an annoying mask all day and it went well with all the other details.

I wore turquoise and green eye-makeup with some sparkles, black liner and lots of mascara.


Here’s the decoration on my sandals (and my turquoise nail polish).

Fancy Sandals

The best part of the costume was the tail that I could move from down to up with the help of some mono filament. Here’s a link to a little video showing me moving the tail.  Thank you to Grace at UniquelyGrace on Etsy where I purchased the design for the tail.

This is the tail in the resting/down position.  The sides were supposed to fold down but the wire feathers I made were kind stiff so it remained fanned out both up and down.

Tail from the Back

Here it is with the tail up.

Tail & Mask Up

I even managed the tail when I was at my desk.  The trick was to sit down with the tail up, and the back of the chair kept it in place.

At the computer

A few of the biology instructors on campus reminded me that peacocks are male.  I just told them I was a cross-dressing peahen.  However, at the end of a day of strutting my feathers, I think maybe the peahens are happy not to be dragging around all that fancy baggage.

For today it was a lot of fun and I was delighted to win best costume in the “Elegant” category at the Halloween lunch and costume contest  at work.

Thank you for coming by and Happy Halloween!


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Head to Tail Halloween

Peacock Mask

Here is the mask I made to wear on Halloween.  I saw this mask from Sprinkles in Spring on Pinterest last year and loved it.  I wanted to figure out a costume that would incorporate a similar mask.  I ended up veering a little off the original concept.  I also need to wear my glasses, so the mask will attach to them.

I also saw several great costumes on Pinterest that inspired me to create my costume for this year: a peacock!  (sorry, I’m not going to show the whole costume until I wear it on Halloween).

Fairy Wings to Feathers

I disassembled the fairy wings I picked up at the Dollar Tree and my mom and sister helped cut out and glue fabric for the “eyes” and tulle for the wire to complete the feathers.  The fairy wings were already decorated with glitter which ended up everywhere.

My mom was nice enough to let me work on the tail at her house where I had loads more room.

Fabric Peacock Feathers

My last name, Faw, was originally spelled Pfau and was changed when my great (x 8, I think) grandfather immigrated to the US from Switzerland.  Pfau means peacock!

The stylized peacock I had in mind needed some additional bling to balance the fancy tail, so I also crafted some jewelry and additional embellishments.  Beads and Christmas garland from the Dollar Tree, plastic gems, fabric, elastic, ribbon and plenty of hot glue were used.

Jewelry for Peacock

After many hours of effort, the costume is done and I will be wearing it to work on Thursday.

Thank you for your visit.


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Easter 2012

Here are the blown eggs I decorated this year. This peacock egg is two-sided with a feather on the reverse. I did this egg with Sharpies, gold pen, watercolors and some adhesive jewels.

I actually made another peacock feather egg before this one.  A friend at work was celebrating her birthday and I did this egg for her.  It turned out so well that I decided to make a peacock egg for our family collection of Easter Eggs.  You can see a few more of those eggs here.

For this brown egg I used stickers from Starform; the same type of stickers that I used for vellum ornaments at Christmastime here.

Watercolor pens and adhesive jewels completed this design.

I also purchased a beautiful hand-painted goose egg (Kraslice) at the Farmer’s Market and a card with a photograph of more eggs done by the same artist, Lenka Glassner.

The sides have intricate details.  All the white is where she has etched through the paint to reveal the eggshell underneath.

For more gorgeous pictures of her eggs and information on the “traditional lace-like etching” techniques of the Moravian region of the Czech Republic, go here.

Our Easter table.

Wishing you a happy Easter.

Thanks for hopping by.


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